Mother Kali Travelled the world in Vivekananda’s Body

Swami Vivekananda was one of the famous Yogis in the History of Earth.He is an ardent devotee of Mother Kali.He devoted his entire life to the vision and desires of Mother Kali. The desire of Mother Kali is to uplift the Human race.He travelled throughout India by walk before entering into Western space.A Normal HumanContinue reading “Mother Kali Travelled the world in Vivekananda’s Body”

The Great secret to Early Mantra Siddhi

Mantra is a combination of sacred letters that holds Unlimited Power of this Universe. There are countless Mantras available in this Universe. The source of these Mantras is Goddess Sri AdiParaShakti. Mantras have been created by combining the energies of various Magic seed letters. We call them Beejas or Seeds. A seed is the sourceContinue reading “The Great secret to Early Mantra Siddhi”

Tratak Vidya- Dharana The Infinite Flow – Viewing all forms of Energies

This was firstly taught by Lord Shiva to his wife Devi Parvati.Ashtanga yoga Vidya was available even before the birth of Rushi Patanjali. This Vidya teach us the right process to attain Samadhi Siddhi . Ashtanga Yoga Vidya Siddhi depends on the accomplishment of Trataka . This process takes the sadhak to serious meditation practice.Continue reading “Tratak Vidya- Dharana The Infinite Flow – Viewing all forms of Energies”