Adi Purusha – Shri Adi Krishna

Goddess Shri Adi para shakti Kali is the Mother of Eternity. She is the original mother of every soul residing in every planetary galaxy of the multidimensional cosmos. As a mother, she takes utmost care of all beings. Parashakti Kali has the complete power to create, rule, destroy, grace and bless the entire Universal cosmos.Continue reading “Adi Purusha – Shri Adi Krishna”

The Process of Restrictive Energies

Universal Energies are of Two types                        1. Isolated Energies ( Asura Shakti  / Demonic Energies)                                                   2.Independent Energies ( Divine Energies / Positive Energies) Isolated Energies does not work in team.They are diseased dark energies.You keep a COVID patient in isolation due to fear of the disease.It degrades your life .This is how the isolated energiesContinue reading “The Process of Restrictive Energies”

The Great secret to Early Mantra Siddhi

Mantra is a combination of sacred letters that holds Unlimited Power of this Universe. There are countless Mantras available in this Universe. The source of these Mantras is Goddess Sri AdiParaShakti. Mantras have been created by combining the energies of various Magic seed letters. We call them Beejas or Seeds. A seed is the sourceContinue reading “The Great secret to Early Mantra Siddhi”