Adi Purusha – Shri Adi Krishna

Goddess Shri Adi para shakti Kali is the Mother of Eternity. She is the original mother of every soul residing in every planetary galaxy of the multidimensional cosmos. As a mother, she takes utmost care of all beings. Parashakti Kali has the complete power to create, rule, destroy, grace and bless the entire Universal cosmos.Continue reading “Adi Purusha – Shri Adi Krishna”

The #Source of #Mantra #Upadesha

The mantra should be taken from the guru who is the embodiment of the soul, not from the delusional nature of Pancha Bhuta👍 Various people chant Mantras written in books, internet and YouTube . In fact, mantra must be taken from the soul. Your soul, or other soul. The soul possesses pure energy.The Energy inContinue reading “The #Source of #Mantra #Upadesha”

Goddess Kali – Empty and Weightless

Have you ever wondered why Goddess Kali was named Kali? Kali means empty also weightless.The Goddess who is empty as well as weightless. When we ask someone how much do you weight? They reply 30 or 60 or 80 or 200 pounds.What is it they are carrying inside the body? You may say blood,water,fat,flesh,bones.look atContinue reading “Goddess Kali – Empty and Weightless”