“Excessive Workouts leads to Untimely Deaths”

“Excessive Workouts leads to Untimely Deaths” “Shri Adi Dwarakadish – Srimati Dwarakamayi “ Exercising the body without gaining Spiritual Enlightenment and Self-Realization leads to the sudden untimely demise of the human body. Heavy physical practices and exercises are for those who have opened all the Divine Energy channels of the human body including the TopContinue reading ““Excessive Workouts leads to Untimely Deaths””

The Blue Gods of Hinduism ( Explained)

Blue is the color of profound spirituality. A few Hindu Gods and Goddesses are depicted in Blue color. Lord Shiva, Shri Hari Narayana, Devi Parashakti Kali, Lord Shri Krishna, Lord Rama, and Neela Saraswati are a few of them. Allow me to explain why they are blue. They are extremely spiritual, beyond emotions and humanContinue reading “The Blue Gods of Hinduism ( Explained)”

Mother Kali Travelled the world in Vivekananda’s Body

Swami Vivekananda was one of the famous Yogis in the History of Earth.He is an ardent devotee of Mother Kali.He devoted his entire life to the vision and desires of Mother Kali. The desire of Mother Kali is to uplift the Human race.He travelled throughout India by walk before entering into Western space.A Normal HumanContinue reading “Mother Kali Travelled the world in Vivekananda’s Body”