Attain the Grace of Advaita Brahman Universal Goddess KALI

This Video narrates the Importance of Universal Goddess KALI.How one can easily attain her infinite Grace to accomplish the state of Immortality.The nature of Mother is extremely Kind and quick .Subtitles are available in Engish,Hindi,Chinese,French,German and Russian.Kindly Like ,Share and Subscribe.Write your comments and queries down below.Thank you.I wish you a Happy Pongal Festival Season.

Goddess Kali – Empty and Weightless

Have you ever wondered why Goddess Kali was named Kali? Kali means empty also weightless.The Goddess who is empty as well as weightless. When we ask someone how much do you weight? They reply 30 or 60 or 80 or 200 pounds.What is it they are carrying inside the body? You may say blood,water,fat,flesh,bones.look atContinue reading “Goddess Kali – Empty and Weightless”

Use Sandal wood to turn Slander into Glory ( Clears malefic Rahu-North Lunar Node)

Have you ever wondered why few have been well respected than others, when everybody is equal? The divine Power have always been subconsciously well honored by every soul. The divine fragrance enhances the divinity within us. The Divine fragrance from Mother Earth ( Sandalwood) There are only few fragrances from Mother Earth that enhance theContinue reading “Use Sandal wood to turn Slander into Glory ( Clears malefic Rahu-North Lunar Node)”