Why is the death knell of the masses unable to put an end to the war?

You may have noticed the dissatisfied incursion of the masses through the media. One Ascetic’s virtue is sufficient to quell the rage of War. Is there anyone powerful enough in those areas to put an end to the war? Heroism exists solely to extract money from the masses and markets. Behind the veil of illusionContinue reading “Why is the death knell of the masses unable to put an end to the war?”

The Process of Restrictive Energies

Universal Energies are of Two types                        1. Isolated Energies ( Asura Shakti  / Demonic Energies)                                                   2.Independent Energies ( Divine Energies / Positive Energies) Isolated Energies does not work in team.They are diseased dark energies.You keep a COVID patient in isolation due to fear of the disease.It degrades your life .This is how the isolated energiesContinue reading “The Process of Restrictive Energies”


The topmost energy sheet covering our body is our Bliss Body. This body is where we connect to the Universe. In fact, our Bliss Body is the gate to the Universe. Astral Travel, Third Eye, Samadhi, Advaitha State, and Brahma-Gyan are all possible only with our Bliss Body.Without activating your Bliss Body, you cannot accessContinue reading “THE BLISS BODY IS THE ENTRANCE TO THE UNIVERSE”