Dogs were created to protect women on Earth.

Dogs are beings of Martian energy. They are capable of comprehending Human Aura. When they look at someone, they can sense their Aura. They wag their tails when they detect divine Aura around a person. If they detect a dark evil aura around a person, they will bark in rage. Lord Bahirava’s mount is aContinue reading “Dogs were created to protect women on Earth.”

The Goddess of Mind and Samadhi

Devi Manasa is known as The Goddess of Mind. Goddess of Nectar. The vanquisher of revenge I bow to my Guru “ Bhagavan Sri Venkata Kali Krishna Guru Maharaj “. I bow to the Universal Mother Goddess Sri Kali. Revenge : Initially there were only few snakes and some poisonous reptiles harming humans. Now theContinue reading “The Goddess of Mind and Samadhi”