Hunger – The unsatisfactory Soul

hunger – The unsatisfactory Soul Hungry for food, money, Jewellery, games, assets, lands, houses, designs, paintings, art, machines, cars, bikes, autos, planes, skies, planets, rockets, chairs, plants, knowledge, air, meat, blood, water, beauty, celebrities, movies, series, channels, apps, discoveries, footwear, walls, armor, military, fame, dialogue, books, hospitals, treatments, remedies, recipes, formulas, secrets, gossips, stories, murders,Continue reading “Hunger – The unsatisfactory Soul”

Yagna for the attainment of Brahmic State

Meditation is the process that Balances the Various forces of our body.Yagnya/Homa is a sacred fire sacrifice ritual performed regularly to balance the forces of Nature. Heavy rains and droughts have been occurring more than once a month for the past few years due to the imbalance of natural forces .Extreme levels of rainfall isContinue reading “Yagna for the attainment of Brahmic State”