Adi Purusha – Shri Adi Krishna

Goddess Shri Adi para shakti Kali is the Mother of Eternity. She is the original mother of every soul residing in every planetary galaxy of the multidimensional cosmos. As a mother, she takes utmost care of all beings. Parashakti Kali has the complete power to create, rule, destroy, grace and bless the entire Universal cosmos.Continue reading “Adi Purusha – Shri Adi Krishna”

Process to remove the Demons in Us

Are you afraid of looking at yourself in the mirror in the midnight or even during the day? This is just for you. We can clear our evil energies in only two ways. 1.Reciting Chandi Path everyday kills all evil in us keeps us positive all the time like Our Goddess Kali, Gayatri , LalithaContinue reading “Process to remove the Demons in Us”


The topmost energy sheet covering our body is our Bliss Body. This body is where we connect to the Universe. In fact, our Bliss Body is the gate to the Universe. Astral Travel, Third Eye, Samadhi, Advaitha State, and Brahma-Gyan are all possible only with our Bliss Body.Without activating your Bliss Body, you cannot accessContinue reading “THE BLISS BODY IS THE ENTRANCE TO THE UNIVERSE”