The Process of Restrictive Energies

Universal Energies are of Two types                        1. Isolated Energies ( Asura Shakti  / Demonic Energies)                                                   2.Independent Energies ( Divine Energies / Positive Energies) Isolated Energies does not work in team.They are diseased dark energies.You keep a COVID patient in isolation due to fear of the disease.It degrades your life .This is how the isolated energiesContinue reading “The Process of Restrictive Energies”

Dakshina Kali -Brahman- Goddess with Ten faces

Brahma Ghana ,This knowledge encompasses the Absolute Past, Present, and Future. Do you remember what you ate last last Wednesday ? You may not because your memory is limited to specific units of Time.The memory of Brahman is Unlimited,is not limited by any units of Time. The infinite knowledge cannot be delivered one faced.It hasContinue reading “Dakshina Kali -Brahman- Goddess with Ten faces”