The Great secret to Early Mantra Siddhi

Mantra is a combination of sacred letters that holds Unlimited Power of this Universe. There are countless Mantras available in this Universe. The source of these Mantras is Goddess Sri AdiParaShakti. Mantras have been created by combining the energies of various Magic seed letters. We call them Beejas or Seeds. A seed is the sourceContinue reading “The Great secret to Early Mantra Siddhi”

How is your Sixth Sense?

Poor Intuition= Unlimited Troubles Sixth sense is also known as Intuition.The intuition has fallen to lower levels. It is not working for many humans nowadays. Intuition is the eradicator of Problems in our Life. Imagine your house is out of electricity for few hours.The Power will come back when the electrician repairs the wires. TheContinue reading “How is your Sixth Sense?”

Ways of Focus – Internal ( unlimited ) and External ( Limited )

Concentration development requires stopping the wavering mind and detach it from the physical senses. Concentration is of two kinds, 1. Outward concentration(limited) 2. Inward concentration(unlimited) Look at the ocean, it is full of tides. The ocean is resting on the surface of Earth. The Earth is revolving and rotating. These actions and attachments stimulates theContinue reading “Ways of Focus – Internal ( unlimited ) and External ( Limited )”