The Sun and Moon food for Ultimate Energy Balance in Human Body

The day is ruled by the Sun, and the night is ruled by the Moon. They are both visible in the sky. The sun is the source of all heat. The moon is the epicentre of cold. Did you know that our bodies have sun and moon centres? The Sun centre, or heat production centre,Continue reading “The Sun and Moon food for Ultimate Energy Balance in Human Body”

Animal wealth of Ancient Kings ( Astrology)

The kings and queens of the olden days had great treasures in their castles .They raised a wide variety of birds and animals. The deeds of animals make us happy. Do you know why the original kings raised such a great wide variety of species? Every living thing on earth is constantly receiving energy fromContinue reading “Animal wealth of Ancient Kings ( Astrology)”

The Great Division of Time

Time is a vast entity ,It is divided into different segments.Do you know how the larger chunks of Time are segmented? First, I wish A glorious Christmas and an exuberant New year ahead to all my viewers and followers. I thank you from the core of my heart for your likes and comments on myContinue reading “The Great Division of Time”