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The incarnation story of Lord Hayagriva ( The lord Vishnu’s greatest avatar) Sri Radhanandakali

This is the story of Lord Maha Vishnu incarnation as Lord Hayagriva to slay the demon Hayagriva by the Grace of Universal Mother Shri Bhuvaneshwari.

Learn from Temples Sri Radhanandakali

This episode is about the Significance of Temples.These places are spread across the Globe vibrating with Positive Energy.We have to learn from temples.Temples follow Yogic process to come out of the cycle of Reincarnation.Including four step yogic process in our life makes us moving Gods or Goddesses.

Chandra Ghanta – NavaDurga – Day 3 Sri Radhanandakali

She dispels demons with the sound of bell. Devi Chandra Ghanta resides in Manipura chakra also known as Brahma chakra or chakra of Manifestation.Lord Brahma is originated from the Navel chakra of Lord Vishnu. Lord Brahma is also known as the navel God of Lord Vishnu.Lord Brahma is the God of enormous creation and manifestation.
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