Life Style of True Yogic Samadhi Practitioners

How to spot a real Yogic Practioner #krishna #radha #Sadhguru #ashram The influential beings are of many kinds.The influential people’s practices are Speaking,Chanting,Story Telling.An influential Guru is not a Tapasvi or God.They are just teachers whose practices are linked only to the mouth.i.e.Tongue. On the other end ,The real enlightened beings are known as TapodevisContinue reading “Life Style of True Yogic Samadhi Practitioners”

The Process of Removing KARMAS ( simple )

The Process of Removing KARMAS ( simple ) karmaremoval #Karmas #trataka dharana #openeyemeditation #adikrishna #krishna #radhakrishna #kali #hinduism #dharma #astangayoga #thirdeye #threeeyes #mergingeyes #divine Dharana means a continuous flow of Divine Energy. Dharana has been practiced by humans for eons to burn all KARMAS. A SOUL has to burn its KARMA every day to leadContinue reading “The Process of Removing KARMAS ( simple )”

Male and Female are equal Supportive Energies

Women have always sought fathers, brothers, husbands, and boyfriends to help them overcome dangerous circumstances that may leave a dark mark on their lives and the lives of future generations. What if they didn’t help remove your social stigma? You will serve as a scapegoat for future generations. Women can overcome any adversity in theirContinue reading “Male and Female are equal Supportive Energies”