Relax CEO Relax

#Relaxceo #stophecticwork #growmentally #growsoulfully #stopworkafter3pm #happylife #joyfulenvironment All the businesses and it’s workers have to relax a bit. This is just a wakeful call to your soul.There is no need to grow the pockets and bellies in stock market race.Relax a bit.These is no need for evening and late night works.The planet is not onContinue reading “Relax CEO Relax”

Insomnia – The city never Sleeps

#insomniaproblems #goodlifestyle #atmosphere #toxicair #pollution #sleeplessness Blockages to enter into a healthy lifestyle. Many more are having insomnia everywhere around the cities.The only reason for insomnia is toxicity in the climate.Many cities never sleep due to heavy carbon monoxide in the air around them.Let the cities sleep by growing plants and trees every inch toContinue reading “Insomnia – The city never Sleeps”