Male and Female are equal Supportive Energies

Women have always sought fathers, brothers, husbands, and boyfriends to help them overcome dangerous circumstances that may leave a dark mark on their lives and the lives of future generations. What if they weren’t helpful in removing your social stigma? You will serve as a scapegoat for future generations. Women can overcome any adversity inContinue reading “Male and Female are equal Supportive Energies”

Bliss ( Heart) Triggered by Evil vs Bliss triggered by Devi Shakti

Even a demonic entity can trigger bliss in your heart. The bliss triggered by your pure soul directly connects to your subconscious mind.on the other hand, The bliss triggered by evil entities activates different organs rather than conciousness.The bliss triggered by demonic entities raises darkness.But the bliss triggered by Devi Adiparashakti keeps you active andContinue reading “Bliss ( Heart) Triggered by Evil vs Bliss triggered by Devi Shakti”