End the Bad Speech with Moong Dal

A one heinous word is enough to sever our unified efforts. Speech is an essential task in our daily lives. It is our mind’s creative energy. The speech is an expression, with a lot of energy. An average person speaks at least 10,000 words per day. A Yogi, on the other hand, chants the same mantra 10,000 times per day. This is the primary distinction between multiple words of expression and a Mantra. One Mantra is repeated numerous times with a focused mind, which improves and unites our energies. Throughout the day, normal people repeat the same multiple words from their speech. Multiple words elicit multiple emotions and countless depleted energies. While the mantra is active, no emotions are felt, but high vibrational energies are released.

While ordinary people’s speech may contain abhorrent and suffocating words. When these words leave our mouths, they rip our energies apart. Because of the bifurcation of our energies, they quickly become frustrated. As a result, it is always necessary to filter out bad words from our speech. This protects our energies. Those who seriously practise spirituality on a daily basis will notice their energies tearing apart when they utter an unfavourable word.

In this universe, every problem has a solution. While walking to school, children hear obnoxious remarks from other children or elders. Soon after, they are drawn to those unwelcoming words, and they begin practising them for amusement. It will soon become an unbreakable habit. Unpleasant speakers have become accustomed to using derogatory language in public places. These speakers have no filter over their words. They will be unable to apply any filter to offensive words while speaking. If you are experiencing this issue, this blog is for you. Even the four types of speech 1.Satvic Address ( completely positive ) 2.Rajasic Speech (Both Positive and Negative) 3.Tamasic oratory ( completely torcherous cursative negative ) 4.Nirguna Speech (words brimming with blissful love and radiance)

Unpleasant negative words are an indication of impure speech. OUR SOUL’S GIFT IS PURE SPEECH. We can create a word filter in our energies to filter out unwanted words. How does one go about making a negative cursive word filter? The answer is a recipe for moon dal (skinned green gram).

Skinned green gram to purify the speech

Consuming skinned green gramme on a daily basis helps to keep our speech positive by acting as a conscious energy filter on negative words. You do not need to use a filter on your speech. After consuming skinned green gramme, your mind will create it for you. A lot of people end their relationships because of an unpleasant negative speech from their partner or a teenager. In astrology, green gramme has been suggested to improve mercuric energies in our bodies. Our intelligence and communication are governed by mercuric energies. When we don’t maintain a filter in our communication channel, we tend to immediately break our energies. If you want to stop negative speech in your family, make the following recipe and feed it to your family members on a daily basis. This recipe ensures that our communication remains positive (Sattvic).

Moong dal converts Tamasic ( Negative ) speech to Sattvic( positive) speech.A Sattvic speech always creates good loving vibration around us.

Moon dal recipe

Take a fistful of green gramme that has been skinned. It should be washed with clean water. Cut a small onion and a green chilli into small pieces. Now, in a cooking pot, add the green gramme. Pour a glass of water into the pot. Add sliced onions, green chilies, a pinch of turmeric, and salt to taste. Cook the pot on medium heat until the green gramme softens into a paste-like consistency. Enjoy the dish by adding Tadka to the dal. Instead of dal, you can cook skinned green gramme rice. Cook your rice in a pot with a fistful of it. To enhance the flavour and energy of the skinned green gramme rice, add some ghee.

Green gramme is also referred to as God’s green gramme. Because of its highly Sattvic nature. The Gopikas of Vrindavan used to eat this recipe first thing in the morning before performing their daily Shakti worship. Yogis consume it every day before chanting Mantras. It purifies and improves speech clarity.

The Sun and Moon food for Ultimate Energy Balance in Human Body

The day is ruled by the Sun, and the night is ruled by the Moon. They are both visible in the sky. The sun is the source of all heat. The moon is the epicentre of cold. Did you know that our bodies have sun and moon centres?

The Sun centre, or heat production centre, is located at the Manipura chakra, or Navel Point, and it generates heat in the body. The Moon governs the mind. It is the body’s source of cold. The Moon’s centre is in the centre of the Brain. When you reach higher levels of consciousness, you will be able to see your full moon.

Sun Centre connected to Pingala

Pingala Nadi is linked to the Sun Centre. Pingala heat energy is responsible for the right side of the body. Pingala comes to an end at the third eye point. Excessive sleep, laziness, low creativity, sobriety, and low concentration result from low Sun energy and high Moon energy. Sun energies govern the body below the head.

Moon Centre connected to Ida

The Moon’s centre is linked to Ida Nadi. Its energy will be felt on the left side of the body, close to the heart. Heart attacks, mental illness, and emotional turmoil are the result of low moon energy and high sun energy. The upper body is ruled by Moon energies.

The majority of human eating habits are dictated by their climatic conditions. Cold countries consume foods that produce heat. Cold-producing foods are eaten in hot countries. However, we must eat in accordance with our energies rather than the external climatic conditions.

The food for Perfect Sun Moon Balance

Remember, the Moon rules the mind. It denotes that the moon’s energies soothe the mind and body. The body is ruled by the sun’s energies. The sushumna Nadi is the body’s ultimate Sun-Moon energy balancer. When these two energies combine, they produce a powerful energy in our bodies known as Kundalini. Because it is the ultimate balance, it comes from the centre of the body. We fight because of a heat-cold imbalance in our bodies.

Causes of recurring Wars on planet Earth

Certain planetary combinations produce an excess of heat, while others produce an excess of cold. For example, the Sun, Mars, and Venus are conjunct in Capricorn. These are scorching planets. That heat energy was directed at humans on Earth. Few planets are cold at high altitudes and hot during the day. Certain situations on Earth will be created as a result of the time of conjunction and the type of energy. We become the scapegoat of destructive energies when we are out of balance. We fight when our sun and moon are out of sync. Heat and cosmic radiation from other planets in the solar system cause wars on Earth. As a result, it is always necessary for humans to achieve a perfect balance of energies in our bodies.

Various Cosmic Entities

There are only two types of planets: hot and cold. The heat of war. Love is icy. When planets conjunct with heat energies, we get into warlike situations. When they come into contact with cold energies, we bring about peace. The majority of the planets in our solar system have hot temperatures. As a result, we have a cold woman near our planet, Mother Moon. We can harness her energies to create powerful Kundalini.

Yogic practises teach us how to achieve a remarkable balance of energies. Kundalini is the result of this incredible Sun-Moon balance. Now I’ll tell you about the foods that promote healthy, balanced energies in our bodies.

Do you know what causes heart attacks in heavy weight lifters?

It is due to burden of heat on the heart .It tells the heart to work hard.We have work smart not hard .The protein produces heat.The heart is on the left side of the body, hence it always need cold and calming energies for a good lifespan.Heat irritates the heart by making it work hard.Depression and mental illnesses are due to excess heat in heart and brain. Heart is the centre of love. It originates from a stable, peaceful mind.The person comes out of the karmic cycle when he/she fills their heart with love.

The Moon Foods

Rice, Vegetables, Flowers, Herbs, Roots, and Green Leafy Vegetables

The Sun foods

Pulses, cereals, and nuts

The Sun and Moon food

Consume rice, wheat bread (legumes), and vegetables on a daily basis.

Rice soothes the heart and mind, whereas wheat generates heat in the body. Both are critical for maintaining a healthy, well-balanced temperature in our body energy. The majority of Indians consume both rice and wheat. Unintelligent humans force others to consume only protein. It is not assisting in the creation of a balance of energies.

Always pay attention to the resulting energies that your food produces. The food we eat on a daily basis must strike a balance between heat and cold. Excess heat and cold cause a variety of diseases. Radiation is heat, and atomic explosion is heat. These types of events occur as a result of excess heat and cosmic radiation from other planets and begin. Our bodies are intelligent, capable of combating heat and cold and maintaining a healthy balance.

Always consume a well balanced diet that should produce equal amount of heat and cold.

The Forecasters

They were Yogis from the past who could see into the future. They only predicted the events, not their origin and cause. Countless destructive events may occur in the future. Why should you have to wait for destructive events to reoccur when you know what is causing them? Excess heat buildup in the planets is caused by any destruction. We are intelligent enough to avoid these calamities.

Why is the death knell of the masses unable to put an end to the war?

You may have noticed the dissatisfied incursion of the masses through the media. One Ascetic’s virtue is sufficient to quell the rage of War. Is there anyone powerful enough in those areas to put an end to the war? Heroism exists solely to extract money from the masses and markets. Behind the veil of illusion lies the New Age heroism ( screen). When people hit reality, they cry out in pain and despair, hoping to see a hero fly out of the sky.

The true hero resides within each of us. The human race has been living behind a dark veil. Their screams are only for themselves. The energy is not reaching its intended destination, which is to end the war. The karma of the doer and the receiver differs. On this planet, everybody is destined to learn many lessons. But what is the lesson of the victims of the war and natural disasters? You don’t have to fight and prove yourself to be powerful. There is a way to obtain unrestricted controllable power. It is through the state of Absolute Blissful Love. The blissful state bestows upon the individual infinite Universal powers.

War is an act of human aggression. This can only be restricted by pure love from the heart. The highest energy in the universe is blessed love. Even the most powerful gods and goddesses, such as Shri Kali, Shri Krishna, Shri Gayatri, Shri Venkatesha, and Lord Shiva, are the embodiments of Pure Infinite Love. Each of you has infinite love within your heart, which is always free of all veils of illusion. Open your hearts, connect the love, and start making it strong enough to calm the rage of war and destruction. Evoporate the radiation that has been creating DNA mutations and cancerous diseases for the past three decades. Make this planet Earth a beautiful place with your Pure Love. Why are we suffering despite our superior intelligence and power? We have infinite solutions for our limited sufferings.


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