Kundalini Raising Diet for Enlightenment

Today I am going to tell you about spiritual diet for attaining great Spiritual Power.Our body is a mixture of different Energies. If these energies are out of balance, we fall ill. When these energies have been highly balanced we get good healthy body and mind. Healthy body and mind are not so heavy goals.By the unlimited grace of Universal Mother Kali. I found an easy, Ancient Ayurvedic method for attaining ultimate Balance with high energies. When the energies are moving upwards our body and mind fills with divine light with weightlessness.This is an Ancient practice followed by Great Saints like Agastya, Prasurama, Vyasa Maharishi and so on.

The food available in this nature has been divided into 6 six tastes.

Every plant, every tree, every flower, every fruit has its taste, but we have only six tastes available in nature those are

1: Sweet తీపి 2: Salt ఉప్పు. 3: Bitter చేదు. 4 : Pungent కారం. 5: Sour పులుపు. 6: Astringent వగరు

We have a festival called Ugadi. It is marked on the first day of Every Hindu Year. It is Chaitra Shukla Pratipat. Chaitra Month has been considered as first month of Hindu year. The full moon on this month falls in chitra Nakshatra, so it has been called Chaitra Month or Chaitra Masa.Chitra means vision.When we close our eyes, we just see darkness. But when a yogi closes his eyes, he / she sees divine visions. When we break the carries of illusion, we will be able to see beyond our senses. Our senses (eyes) can see within some distance. But our Master eye can see and feel beyond our senses.To break the barriers of illusion (darkness) our energies have to be well-balanced and disease free.

On the day of Ugadi we eat a special Prasad mixed with all six tastes. All these tastes should be very well-balanced to have a perfect recipe. When we eat this divine Prasad, our body and mind feels complete.it’s because of the well-balanced energies we have taken inside our stomach. The stomach and all other parts of body immediately felt they are happy with the divine Prasad. It means the energy of Prasad created a good balance of energies in our Body. The energies of the Prasad distributes evenly to the whole body, thus making it completely nourished by food. A mother distributes the food evenly to all her children to create a good balance of love and emotions.

Likewise, a healthy recipe nourishes our body, mind and soul energies. A divine recipe should be like an unselfish Mother. Our Unselfish mother is only one Adiparashakti Kali.Everyday we can’t eat this delicious Prasad due to unavailability of its ingredients in all seasons.

But we can balance our energies in an other way. We just have to follow this process to balance our energies to remain disease free.

6am : Start your day by eating some Honey.it activates the muladhara chakra. It’s Element is Earth. Earth is our base so we call it base chakra.

8am : Eat Sour fruits or drink its juice to activate Swadistana chakra . This is fire element chakra. Eating a sour fruit bring the energy of fire to activate this chakra.

11am : Drink water mixed with small amount of salt , Electrolytes and Minerals. The element of this chakra is Water. This water stimulates Manipuri chakra. It is also known as the chakra of creation.Lord Vishnu’s Creative chakra is Lord Brahma .This is the reason Lord Brahma’s Lotus seat is connected to Lord Vishnu’s Manipuri Chakra ( Nabhi Kamal ) The Universal creator sits on lotus and lotus floats on water.

12pm : Eat spicy meals with all your favorites. This will activate Anahata chakra. The heart chakra. The element of this chakra is Air . The spices cleans the heart by making smooth blood circulation . A clean heart gives blissful state of mind with enormous self love and expansiveness.

3pm : Drink Neem juice or eat Neem leaves. It will activate Vishuddha chakra by cleansing the throat to stomach and intestines.The element of this chakra is Ether. This chakra gives good Voice and controls body weight.When this chakra becomes active the person speaks more truth .This is also called the “unmasker of fake personalities “( it could be in us or others ) .There are so many people who were masks of fake personalities to hide their fearful inner self. You can overcome your fake personality by activating this chakra. There are so many benefits of these chakras .I am just mentioning the useful ones.False speech gives throat infections, cold , other tongue , throat diseases and creates an imbalance in body weight like weight gain and weigh loss.Lord Shiva has highly active well balanced Throat chakra.When he drank the universal poison ( kaalakoota visha ) it evaporated in his tongue before reaching his throat. His tongue holds the Universal truth . This is a poison killer chakra. A fake personality is also similar to poison. So this chakra evaporates the poison in us. When someone gives a poison to an enlightened yogi.it may not work because the poison loses its complete power before entering the body of a yogi. Yogis are called poison dissolves.

8pm : Drink Astringent (vagaru ) tea mixed with Haritaki, green tea , Turmeric power. This activates the powers of Agna chakra .The element of this chakra is light.when you close the eyes what do you see ? Darkness.When a yogi closes his/her eyes they see divine light. This divine light removes the darkness and illusion . You can see your past,present,future and alter the realities , heal past experiences ( memories ) with new perspectives.when this chakra is active and well balanced you will feel great calm that you had never experienced before.

All these different tastes activates the powers of these Shad(6) chakras. By the end of the day, you have balanced the energies of the body. And the foods you have been consuming in these certain timings kept the body energies raising from lower chakras to higher chakras. If the energy of whole body reaches top, you will become highly enlightened being.By the Grace of Universal Mother Kali.

Om Sri Kalika devyai namaha Om Sri gurubhyo namaha

Written by Sri Radhananda kali Yogini.

Sri Vishwamata Adi Parashakti Peetham Vejendla

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