Insomnia – The city never Sleeps

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Blockages to enter into a healthy lifestyle.

Many more are having insomnia everywhere around the cities.The only reason for insomnia is toxicity in the climate.Many cities never sleep due to heavy carbon monoxide in the air around them.Let the cities sleep by growing plants and trees every inch to kill carbon monoxide in the atmosphere.This is to all the insomniacs.Grow more and more healthy plants to get into a healthy life style.The severe hard toxic materials in the atmosphere make us move quickly erratically.Toxic atmosphere is not helping us humans to enter into healthy lifestyle.

Grow plants to save your life on this Earth.Early risers are always early catchers.Kill the pollution with homegrown plants to save your life.Heart attacks,depression,weight gain,obesity,early death, anxieties,anger ,short temper,unconscious mind,memory loss and many more health depressing diseases are created from toxic atmosphere.The more you are surrounded by chaos the more your toxic life takes you to an end.Hence raise trees,scented flowering plants to attract butterflies and bees  in and around your house.Create a plant shield around your house to enter into a healthy lifestyle.The more the plants are the more the life would get activated.Animals may cure emotional blockages but plants enhance good lifestyle.

Hare Shri Radhekrishna!

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