Evolve Human Consciousness from Fury toward Divine LOVE

Evolve human consciousness from Fury toward Divine LOVE

Angry beings transforming into Murderers

This Earth has been tormented by Anger since Treta yuga. Humans turn into violent species when Rage crosses the peripheries. Just a speck of fury is enough to cook a crime scene. Many Furyfied human beings cook crime scenes in their mind before single and mass execution. A well-cooked tasty crime circumstance becomes a Global hit pain generating a story. A comedy scene creates humor in the mind. Likewise, a painful stunt vibes pain. A Divine act vibes BLISSFUL LOVE.

It’s time to kill the Anger in every being. Anger multiplies the incarnation journeys. Blissful LOVE delivers salvation. There is one Great way that completely kills Anger in the human consciousness. Practicing ” Kumbhaka Pranayama ” thrice a day completely terminates the Wrath of your Soul. You will see a new you emerging through divine “Adi Krishna consciousness” every single day. There is no need to waste money for self-liberation. Our divine self is with us. Many think that our divine self is rambling. It’s simply untrue. Our Divine self is always with us, working tirelessly towards our end evolution. The great place that grants blissful love is our abode. This Kumbhaka pranayama cures many illnesses. Anger is the root cause of all diseases and toxicity.Always remember that if you have traces of Anger you will be targeted by death energies.

Tantra means ‘tat’ and ‘antara’ – the one which is inside – It is the SOUL

The true Devi-Purusha Tantra delivers the True SOUL. The Divine Shakti-Purusha always vibrates love. There are 40crore fears on Earth. Eulogizing the names of divine Adi Shakti – Adi Purusha 2016 names will eradicate fears that block human soul expansion.

Kumbhaka Pranayama – Holding the breath ( Practice )

1- Sit in a Chair
2-Take a deep breath
3- Inhale and hold your breath by closing your nose with two fingers
4-Hold your breath for a few seconds ( as long as you feel good  )
5- Remove your fingers then exhale
6-Do it 10 times thrice every day.

Keep the practice until you enjoy 100% serenity for at least 2 complete years in all circumstances.

This kind of practice increases tolerance. Anger kills forbearance. Divine blissful love kills Anger. That divine Blissful love is Shri Adi Krishna. Tolerance develops serenity.
Blissful Love Paramananda is the baby of a serene mind.
Every human can attain a serene mind.

Forbearance is the key to serenity.

The heavy head is due to Active Data

A souls memory sits in ” Paramaananda “

You may hear a lot of people complaining of heaviness in the head. The Medicine says it is due to excessive stress. Every living being on Earth records a heavy amount of data in their brain through the eyes and ears. While the eyes capture stable and unstable data. Ears record the sounds associated with every byte of the data. The brain keeps this data as Active working memory.

When someone excessively watches another, the brain unknowingly repeats the other person’s name. Let’s consider that person ‘A’ is always watching persons ‘B’, ‘K’, ‘ E’, and ‘D’. Person B is a Media Star. Person K is a sports personality. Person E is a worldwide celebrity. Person D is Mother. Person A is always recording the data of B, K, E, and D . The recorded data in A’s brain is in the form of various activities. Person A is recording self-data as well as others’ data every day without fail, it became his brain’s habit. Every day person A’s brain is repeating the names of his favorite personalities except himself. This kind of multiple ignorant person’s names chanting in the brain leads to memory-calling issues, heavy-headedness, and powerlessness. The brain is giving its power to the other ignorants. It heavily works for others, not the self (soul).

A camera takes complete rest when it is switched off. But the Brain is restless even during the dream state. The unsolved emotions, pending life activities, and many-body states( pains, diseases) pop up in the Brain’s dream state. All this is due to pending active data( Memory) in the Brain. One has to meditate every day on the Agna chakra to make this data passive. it means we have to offload all the records we watch every day through our eyes to the Soul’s Memory.

A souls memory sits in ” Paramaananda ”

“Excessive Workouts leads to Untimely Deaths”

“Excessive Workouts leads to Untimely Deaths”

“Shri Adi Dwarakadish – Srimati Dwarakamayi “

Exercising the body without gaining Spiritual Enlightenment and Self-Realization leads to the sudden untimely demise of the human body.

Heavy physical practices and exercises are for those who have opened all the Divine Energy channels of the human body including the Top Sahasrara Channel, which is the” Master Entry and Divine Exit ” of the human body. Without it, the body simply acts like a Baloon. If a balloon is subjected to pressure, it will burst in a short time, and the air in it will be lost in nature. Similarly, when the channels of energy flow in the human body are blocked, it will also die due to excessive exercise.
Open All the doors of this Human body like a ” Dwarika”.We call Lord Adi Krishna ” Dwarakadish” and Goddess Adi Radha “Dwarikamayi”.It implies the body of Lord Shri Krishna and Devi Srimati Radha is eternal and open from every direction. This “Human body is Dwaraka”, the body with 108 doors. Open all the 108 energy channels or doors of this human body to become Dwarakadish( Attained Male)or Dwarakamayi (Attained female).

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