Male and Female are equal Supportive Energies

Women have always sought fathers, brothers, husbands, and boyfriends to help them overcome dangerous circumstances that may leave a dark mark on their lives and the lives of future generations. What if they weren’t helpful in removing your social stigma? You will serve as a scapegoat for future generations. Women can overcome any adversity in their lives with the help of Divine knowledge and power.

Consider the lives of Devi Sita and Devi Draupadi.

Ravana, the demon king, kidnapped Devi Sita. He held her captive in his Lanka City for at least a year. Devi Sita, an innocent sanctified woman, waited for Lord Rama to deliver her from evil’s clutches. However, her reputation was tainted by her wait for Lord Rama in Lanka City. If Ravana had been killed immediately by Devi Sita, as Kalika Devi did with demons, she would have been able to deal with all of the events on her own. Her Delayed action in killing the evil has created a cycle of events in her life which agonized her mind, her relationship and her clan.She would not have been separated from her husband, Lord Rama, which resulted in her untimely death and unhappy life cycle.

Draupadi Devi earned a bad reputation for waiting for vengeance with her husbands after being insulted in a gambling house. So far, we’ve been discussing the Draupadi Devi incident. The incident occurred over 5000 years ago. We’re still talking about it. She would have gained even more notoriety if she had confronted the villains right away.Male and female energies both are equal in the eyes of Universal Love.A small delay in facing the evil would create a cycle of unpredictable events which would eventually tarnish the image of whole clan.Hence ,it is highly important for a male or a female to act immediately on demonic energies to save yourself from serious turmoil.

There were many women on the planet who lived the lives of Devi Sita and Devi Draupadi. The former’s sanctity was called into question, while the latter was publicly humiliated. These are two heartbreaking incidents in a woman’s life. The only blunder these two divine pure women made was waiting for others to prove themselves. These two women are both powerful and generous. Devi Sita was created from earth, and Devi Draupadi was created from fire. Their generosity, dedication, and delayed mentality left an impression on them.The wait caused them severe mental anguish and a bad reputation for future generations. Women must act quickly in the face of adversity in order to save themselves from mental anguish and a bad reputation. If not addressed immediately, a small mark can grow into an unremovable stain. Women engage in cleansing activities on a daily basis to keep their skin and bodies free of blemishes and mud. Similarly, we must clear the marks on our minds and souls.Devi Kali holds the power and ultimate knowledge to clear all the stains of your life .The same theory applies to both Men and women.These are famous examples of sequences caused by delayed actions.

Women have been waiting for men in their lives to uplift their souls for many generations. Why should women have to wait for men to uplift their souls when a single woman Devi Adiparashakti Kali can uplift the souls of the entire male system? In comparison to men, women wield more power too. Goddess Adiparashakti Kali is the Universe’s Mother. For thousands of years, she has blessed many men with divine knowledge, who turned to gods. Women must again begin to worship the Goddess Kali in order to gain Ultimate Universal Divine Knowledge and Power to turn themselves as goddesses of the Universe. So far,in this new age we’ve seen masculine energies deal flawlessly with evil entities. It is now time for women to deal with the negative energies in their lives successfully.

In the eyes of Universal Mother, male and female energies are equal. She creates both male and female energies. She is the Unadulterated Universal Soul. The soul emits an infinite amount of energy. In the concept of Soul, both male and female are equal.Both men and women are equally powerful to destroy any Evil on this Universe.Mother kali creates such a great equality between energies in every step of their life .A song cannot hit the top world chart unless it is vibrating from the core of heart.Only few singers are famous in every country,it is because of the strong love in their could be male or female,the heart always bonds with their true soul,which gives them ultimate expanded vibration to their voice.Few males torment their female,the same happens with females as well.Tormenting opposite energies closes the heart which result in shallow life.if a female energy is tormenting male energy,it will result in eventual seperation, vice-versa.Heart is the centre of spirituality and multidimensional ascension.Our mind has multiple dimensions,they will open when our heart is full of love.The visual mind opens up to you.Humanity has been focusing on developing a complete colourful visual mind,it is possible with a heart full of bliss.Shallow humans are just like lifeless dolls,who work below heart ( the body below heart)

ParaBrahma is neither male nor female.But a female can become ParaBrahma and male can become ParaBrahma.Soul is ParaBrahma and Paramatma.When you merge with your soul your energy ( either male , female or arthanari ( middle energy) ) will become ParaBrahma.You may be visible to outer eye as a different body but your are pure soul from inside that is Brahma. Every body is a different form of energy, you can transform that energy into divine Brahma with spiritual practice .

Bliss ( Heart) Triggered by Evil vs Bliss triggered by Devi Shakti

Even a demonic entity can trigger bliss in your heart. The bliss triggered by your pure soul directly connects to your subconscious mind.on the other hand, The bliss triggered by evil entities activates different organs rather than conciousness.The bliss triggered by demonic entities raises darkness.But the bliss triggered by Devi Adiparashakti keeps you active and awake with divine brightness.

As I said before in my previous Article, the true bliss raises your energies to the top( crown chakra ) .When you don’t recognise the energy of God ,you will be tricked in many ways by evil souls.The evil souls gain entry to your energy system through your heart or any other chakras.They use your system for their own needs like excessive eating, excessive shopping and many more.So it is extremely important to understand your energy system.The one who practice Mantra chant, meditation , Yagnya will have peace and hormony in their energy system.If you see sudden changes ,you may have to start cleansing it before the surge of negative energies.There are only two types of energy systems on earth. One is always pleasant like a fragrant flower garden .The other is always violent with different armies ( like the current political world) .God never triggers or creates unwanted energies in our system.The unfinished life cycles become demonic entities after unexpected death.These entities have unlimited illusionary needs.Hence, it is always necessary to clear negativity in your energy system,bring it under the roof of Divine LOVE or BLISS.

Dogs were created to protect women on Earth.

Dogs are beings of Martian energy. They are capable of comprehending Human Aura. When they look at someone, they can sense their Aura. They wag their tails when they detect divine Aura around a person. If they detect a dark evil aura around a person, they will bark in rage.

Lord Bahirava’s mount is a dog. He is the Adiparashakti Goddess Kali’s doorkeeper. There are many forms of Lord Bhairava, but the core essence remains the same in all of them. Lord Bhairava protects both our soul and our body. As a result, his mount Dogs, too, do the same thing to humans. Dogs serve as protectors of the human race. They see your divine light when they look at you. Humans must exert considerable effort in order to trust other beings. Dogs, on the other hand, trust us because of our divine energy.

Bhairava the protector of Women

Because of their gentle protective nature, these beings are known as Street Lions in India. There is a verse in Devi Kavacha from Devi Saptasathi that goes something like this:

Bhāryām rakshatu bhairavi

భార్యాం రక్షతు భైరవి

पत्नी रक्षतु भैरवी

It means that Bhairavi protects women and housewives. One of a husband’s responsibilities is to protect his wife. They keep a dog at home to protect his wife while he is away. While establishing the shakti peethas on Earth, Lord Shiva created these beings. As a result, Lord Bhairava is the divine Feminine goddesses’ protector. And his mount guards the feminine energies of humans.

Real cause of Lord Bhairava Creation

Because of human arrogance, Lord Shiva lost his wife Devi Sati on Earth. Lord Shiva created a powerful protective force for the protection of women’s hood on Earth to prevent such incidents from happening again. Since then, the Bhairava Shaktis have served as a guardian to the Devi Shakti Goddesses.On Earth, His Mount watches over women 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can also call on these energies for next level (Demonic) protection. Lord Shiva created Lord Bhairava and his mount to protect women and their energies from human inattention and arrogance.We simply need to reinterpret and make the best use of those beings for our benefit.

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