Ultimate Memory Access

Om Sri Kalika Devyai Namaha

Om Sri Guru Devaya Namaha.

Our Brain is not a Big Bungalow filled with unlimited rooms, our Past Lives are not Horror houses. Remember this formula while reading this entire Article. Have you ever imagined our memory sitting in unlimited rooms?

This is what we learned from the past. If you save the memories in rooms, how do you free the mind. You made your mind like a big bungalow filled with thousands of rooms. Our mind is not a big bungalow or library. Just break the walls and release those memories to consciousness. You just left your past redundant energies to absorb in Universal consciousness.

[A yogi releases his memories into Universal Consciousness. A yogis memories are in Universal Consciousness. They can access their past life’s experiences whenever they want.] Now you don’t have any memories. You are just an Universal conscious being (Soul) like Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Mate Kali, God Vinayaka, Lord Hanuma, Lakshmi goddesses….

Have you ever observed Mother Nature? Is it producing plants in rooms? Is the nature segregated in rooms and blocks? No it’s not, Nature is just one large space. We have to make our mind like a large Space.

How does a farmer cultivate plants? He plants every tree in an order in a larger space.it’s the same with Mother Nature. The Mother Nature puts everything in her order.(I don’t think she follows any order, She enhances the beauty of every space just by adding more energies and Light.) Nature is a large space, our mind is also a large space. If you have to save something in mind, do not create energy walls and save the memory in it. Just place the memory in a big Space with no walls.

How do you reach a fruit bearing tree which is located in an empty Land? You don’t follow any order, You just choose the shortest path to grab the fruit quickly. The same formula applies to memory access in a space. The Brain chooses the shortest and quickest path to access the memory.

How do you access a small corner room in a big bungalow? You have to travel from the Entrance door to the room by crossing so many doors, staircases, furniture, to access the very corner of our Bungalow. It’s a big journey. If there is any evil room (bad karmic room) on the way, it will block our access to the corner room. It’s a waste of time. Finally, you couldn’t reach the room. The same happens with our past life memories. We placed our past life memories in so many big haunting Bungalows. All those Bungalows are filling with evil energies like Guilt, shame, depression, revenge, anger, envy, possessiveness.

In this way, our past life memories, experiences have been locked with energies like haunted houses. Now you have to bring a good tantric to release your bungalows from evil energies. Does the tantric really send the evil out ?No, he will not be able to. It’s like a horror movie running it’s repeated shows in our brain since so many life times. So Many people experience nightmares while they were asleep. They even feel others touch as the touch of Ghost. It’s an all-time super hit Horror show. You feel the Ghost everywhere. It’s due to a horror movie(trapped evil energies anger and so on) that’s trapped in people’s mind since so many life times.

We have to release those horror movies(trapped energies/karma) and make our mind a big space filled with good golden white energy.

Just observe and learn from Mother Nature. You can grow whatever plant you want in that larger space. You can fill the space with so many things but with no walls. The air, the rain (good energy and light) has to flow, shower throughout the space freely. Imagine the earth filled with big buildings everywhere? Does the airflow freely? Does the rain reach the surface of earth to moisten the land. A good moisten land can grow countless trees, makes the earth full of life.

The Earth turns useless if its surface has been filled with cement and tar. If The surface of our brain has been covered with layers of bad energies like a thick road, were you able to transfer good energies to the lower parts of our body? It’s not possible. Because this layered state of bad energies in our mind brings headache, migraines even severe exhaustion leading to death. The original brain that was originated from source Sri Adiparashakti Kali The Universal Soul doesn’t have layers or blocks or rooms or haunted Mansions. It’s just a big space like Nature. We spoiled our brain, so we spoiled our Mother Nature. Do you know that Gods live in large spaces with no walls or boundaries? Because their mind is like a large, spacious cosmos. When our mind becomes a large free space, you can place whatever you want in it. The Energy flows freely, and the memory access happens rapidly. This will give birth to “open Air computers “ and new technology beyond Gigabytes and Terabytes of Memory.

This is A Great Secret to Rapid Access Memory . You can access your past life events effortlessly. Save new memories without worrying about space constraints. A space always expands like this Universe, but a room cannot expand until its walls are broken for new construction.

Written by

Sri Radhananda Kali Yogini , Sri Vishwamata Adiparashakti Peetham, Vejendla.

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Fate ( Explained )

Fate has a volatile mind. Ignorance is the root cause of a shaky mentality. People frequently claim that they have been snagged by irreversible fate. In fact, they are trapped by irreversible ignorance caused by a moving mind.

Let’s start with a basic understanding of fate. When the mind is agitated, it begins to recall previously stored impressions. The impressions contain energies. When the impression begins to act on the surface of the mind’s eye, it will manifest that energy. The energy associated with the impression could be darker or Godly. If the impression has darker energy, it will improve the movement of the mind, causing the energy to act in accordance with the impression. For example, you may have an image of a public figure in your mind. Their words have an effect on you. The influence could be positive or negative. When a public speaker offends your core values, the impression is negative in your mind. If the public speaker strengthens your core values, it will result in positive impression.

So you have an image of a public speaker in your head, complete with their energies. When the image of a public figure appears in your mind’s eye, those energies begin to manifest. When the energy is negative, it creates negative karma. It means that you are enraged by a public figure’s speech, that your mind has surfaced their face in your mind’s eye, and that you will now begin speaking ill about the person; if the ill speech reaches its peak, it will create karma between the public figure and you. This is referred to as fate. So you have unnecessarily added another larger karma to your life, leaving you in the sea of ignorance. The various forms of fate are caused by various repeated actions of oblivious humans.

We have public speakers who, based on their mental impressions, say a lot about society and people. The mind should be free of all imprints. You can think of an impression as a person’s image. When you begin acting in accordance with their ill speeches, you will undoubtedly add 100 incarnations to your life.

We must always be mindful of our thoughts. It should be devoid of all impressions. Let me tell you about positive impressions. You adore God. And your thoughts are constantly occupied by God’s beautiful speech and brilliant enlightened actions. When the image of God appears in your mind, it will remove the ignorance and other unnecessary ignorant impressions that you have formed over many lifetimes. As a result, you will be free of the cycle of fate and karma. God is the mirror in which our Soul reflects. It is always illuminating with divine wisdom.

To remain and maintain a clean mind, we must always stay connected to our soul. Fill your mind with God’s impressions, and you will always be in a good happy blissful state. How do you stay in touch with your soul at all times? Trataka, the unstoppable constant conscious gaze into your own eyes (mirror trataka), or third eye, is the only way. It will remove everything from your body and keep you pure and perfect. It can also grant you a Godly state. Om Srikrishnaya Namaha Namaha Sri Kalika Devyai.The ignorance has many forms ,you just have to be in a state of its identification.The loss of identity of ignorance brakes your energy apart.Broken energies reincarnate to mend the gaps .Remember, fate is not Adiparashakti.Fate is ignorance.Adiparashakti gave birth to divine energy,the creation process has resulted in fate and other dark energies.

The Blue Gods of Hinduism ( Explained)

Blue is the colour of profound spirituality.Few Hindu Gods and Goddesses are depicted in Blue colour.Lord Shiva , Shri Hari Narayana , Devi Parashakti Kali , Lord Shri Krishna , Lord Rama , Neela Saraswati are few of them.

Allow me to explain why they are blue. They are extremely spiritual, beyond emotions and human comprehension. Their personalities are transperant like a blue ocean.A single particle in their body is more powerful than a number of atom bombs combined. Their blue bodies have the sharpness of a million swords. Hence it is highly necessary to attain their divine grace before their divine darshan,otherwise you will have to suffer by their power energies.Their blue energy is more potent than a million weapons. The cosmic blue energy is sharper than a million swords and serves as the foundation for wish fulfilment or Sankalpa siddhi. This energy is the source of universal attraction. These gods have the ability to create multiple universes with a single particle in their body. Humans must perform severe penance to obtain this cosmic blue vibe, which emanates from the deep core of the third eye.This blue energy creates universal attractive personality.

Just look at the photographs of Yogis and acetics; none of them are in blue. Earthly Yogis are depicted in white or yellow. Blue Gods and Goddesses are spiritual beings from higher realms. There are fourteen(14) spiritual realms in our universe.

1.Satyaloka (Brahma-loka) – The place beyond death. Our Soul’s Home ( Aatman )
2.Tapoloka – The realm beyond death.
Tapasas, the abode of acetics
3.Janoloka – The realm beyond death, the home of the Sapta rishis, and the mind-born ones.
4.Maharloka – The realm beyond death, the dwelling place of enlightened beings
5.Svarloka (Svarga-loka) – Indra’s and the demigods’ domain.
6.Bhuvarloka- Planets and Stars’ Home
7.Bhuloka – The Human Home

8.Atala loka- Yama’s Son’s domain, which is teeming with Maya.
9.Vitalaloka – Home of Rakshasa women who adorn themselves with gold.
10.Sutalaloka – King Bali’s realm, brimming with luxury and wealth.
11.Talatalalloka- Yaksha’s Domain
12.Mahatalalloka – Realm of Kadru’s Dangerous Serpents.
13.Rasatalalloka – Home of Diti’s sons, the Daityas and Rakshasas.
14.Patalalloka – Naga clan’s domain

The spiritual realms 1–7 are higher spiritual realms. Lower spiritual realms are represented by numbers 8 to 14.

The beings of the 14.Patala realm have a dark black aura, which is why they are referred to as demons. Humans must stop judging others based on their skin colour. The colour of Karma represents their true energy. We must learn and understand others through their karmic deeds and color of energies.The colour of religion and caste is of no use in the world of Karma and spirituality.We are Karmic beings until we attain the complete blissful state of Brahmananda ( Universal Love )

When you look at the energy surrounding a smartphone, it is pitch black. As a result, it depletes human energies after a few hours of use. The divine eye, on the other hand, sees through white light. Because white light has a high energy level, these visions boost human energy.

Humans are not brand new souls,they are old souls when compared to other species on earth.The Yogis and highly knowledged ones are extremely old souls compared to average humans.The Gods and Goddesses are even more old souls who have been serving as Gods since eons .The souls in Brahma realm are extremely old compared to souls in Bhuloka realm.

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