Fate ( Explained )

Fate has a volatile mind. Ignorance is the root cause of a shaky mentality. People frequently claim that they have been snagged by irreversible fate. In fact, they are trapped by irreversible ignorance caused by a moving mind. Let’s start with a basic understanding of fate. When the mind is agitated, it begins to recallContinue reading “Fate ( Explained )”

The Blue Gods of Hinduism ( Explained)

Blue is the colour of profound spirituality.Few Hindu Gods and Goddesses are depicted in Blue colour.Lord Shiva , Shri Hari Narayana , Devi Parashakti Kali , Lord Shri Krishna , Lord Rama , Neela Saraswati are few of them. Allow me to explain why they are blue. They are extremely spiritual, beyond emotions and humanContinue reading “The Blue Gods of Hinduism ( Explained)”