Life Style of True Yogic Samadhi Practitioners

How to spot a real Yogic Practioner #krishna #radha #Sadhguru #ashram

The influential beings are of many kinds.The influential people’s practices are Speaking,Chanting,Story Telling.An influential Guru is not a Tapasvi or God.They are just teachers whose practices are linked only to the mouth.i.e.Tongue.

On the other end ,The real enlightened beings are known as Tapodevis / tapodevas.Once a being attains our Hindu Gods like Shri Krishna ,Radha,Kali ,Gayatri ,Lalitha Devi,Bhairavi they completely merge themselves in daily penance( deep Samadhi state/also called yogam ) .They never let go off their practice.Once attained will always remain attained and attentive to God.The God attained real yogis practice daily austerity for at least 12-18 hours.Real Yogic practitioners who attained Godly state remain in Deep Samadhi for long hours everyday.Godly enlightened beings are dedicated to their daily spiritual practice that is only one deep Samadhi.Godly enlightened beings do 4-5 simple tasks per day.Those are washing,cleaning,eating,changing clothes,Deep meditation that’s it.Godly enlightened beings never do 30-50 jobs per day.Karma Prakshalana is called enlightenment.The one who do business and many others river rattling,goggling ,riding are karmikas means slaves of God not godly beings.Enlightenment means decreasing the karmic baggage.Decreasing the daily task baggage .A normal being works on 10-50 tasks per day,moving hand is also considered to be a task.But a Godly being never moves like a jittery monkey .Even our Lord Hanuman never ever displayed these jittery unqualified mental physical karmic qualities.Enlightenment means zero karmas,2-3 tasks per day, severe Samadhi practice day by day.Merging in God ,Emerging as real powerful God with Severe practice to solve every good mans problems.

Every idol inside and outside our Hindu temples are the depiction of highly enlightened beings that are mentioned in our Hindu scriptures .Godly beings are highly stable from head to toe like a living statue with great brilliance ,sheer sharpness ,divine beauty. Fake beings carry rotten skins and bacterial meat inside and outside their bodies.Real enlightened beings can speak anything about mankind with ease and poise.Godly beings can solve any problem in the society with utmost comfort.

Beggers beg for money.Godly beings donate spiritual powers.The highest God Lord Shri Vasudeva Shri Parama Purusha Shri Krishna has always been a power and Siddhi donator.God never run on Gold and money.God runs on high electric sources, those are power houses called Shakti Devis.Godly beings are repulsive to Gold when they merge themselves in Deep Samadhi state.God does not wear any metals.Humans are metal carriers ,metal attractors.Hence they are not attracting Shaktis highly electric goddesses.

Look at the sun everyday for at least 10 hours without moving or blinking your eyes .Practice this for a year.Praise the name of Lord Shri Krishna in the mean time.This continuous practice will make you a yogi in just a few days.So that you will know the answers to every question you have about every thing.Ask God ..Practice Trataka maha Vidya to attain yourself.Your DNA has all the data you want.Reach the data,read the data after attaining your Divya Drishti.Humans are simply copies of their Ancestors.DNA genetic genome duplication multiples in every generation.BP Sugar have been there since the birth of your ancestors.Hence the fake ones.

Jai Shri Radhekrishna!


Published by Shree Radha

I am Sri Radhananda Kali Mataji from India. A 36 year old Celibate , Writer, Motivator, Spiritual Speaker and a Yogi. My motto is to spread the Divine Knowledge everywhere effortlessly. I produce my content in simple ways.

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