The Process of Removing KARMAS ( simple )

The Process of Removing KARMAS ( simple )

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Dharana means a continuous flow of Divine Energy. Dharana has been practiced by humans for eons to burn all KARMAS. A SOUL has to burn its KARMA every day to lead a youthful nourishing life.
One has to practice single-pointed focus to attain Dharana.
Trataka Yoga is one of the practices to attain Dharana Siddhi. Trataka yoga kriya quickly enables Dharana Siddhi.

The Divine Energy has to flow throughout the body every single like a Niagara waterfall. Nowadays the Generation is feeling powerless due to dry or no waterfalls ( Null Energy abundance ). Dharana Siddhi makes you an Energetic Krishna. Abundant Energy constantly rushes through you around the clock. Everyone can attain Dharana Siddhi ( Abundant Energy flow) with simple Trataka practice.

Trataka yoga can be practiced everywhere. You just need eyes and a destination to be focused on. The Secret of Dharana Siddhi is immovable eyeballs. Water falls from a steady hilltop. Likewise, the divine soul energy rushes through steady eyes. We have three eyes. Two are connected to the human body, the third one is Soul’s eye.
Start Trataka practice with human eyes. Later practice on the soul’s eye. The practice is to open three eyes for abundant energy discharge. Human eyes watch the physical world, Soul’s eye watches the Spiritual world. Trataka Yoga opens and merges the three eyes. it means, your human body gets connected to the physical world and numerous spiritual worlds in a fraction of a second. You can travel to and forth when you attain Dharana Siddhi ( Merging three abundant eye energies.)

Trataka Practice

1-Take a candle
2-Sit and watch the candlelight without moving or blinking your eyes.


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