Paths of Awakening ( Only Two )

The paths of Awakening are just two. One is Internal and the other is External. Both lead toward Dharmic God.

The story of Daemons King and Mosquitoes King.
Deamon deal ( ordeal ) with Mosquitos.

One day the big Deamon King on Earth came upon the mosquito King living on Dirty Lands. He agreed with inferior Mosquitos in Air. The task has to perpetrate on Land for an intent. what was the objective of this undertaking? The intention is merely to torment the skins of living beings. The demons were incompetent to execute it in the Air because humans don’t float in Air. The demons feed on land. Therefore the daemons reached the mosquitoes tech lead.

After a few days, The project has been successfully executed on land but not on ocean and Air.

Why do the Mosquitoes weren’t able to implement their project on the Air and oceans?

Because skinned beings have their abodes only on land. Consequently, mosquitoes attack earth’s beings solely on land. Mosquito invasions happen in dark Earth’s Gravity not water or Air gravity. They float out in the Air due to their slender skinny weight and are killed in the bright ocean ( bright water ) due to excess humidity( heaviness).

Why did the aggressive daemons move toward the mosquitoes in the first point?

The daemon’s power is scarce to penetrate human Shakti. Humans are lively beings. Demons are lifeless beings.

This developed a furor in the demonic community. Thus they touched on Mosquitoes living in shady areas to fulfill their lethargic purpose.
The daemons are unconscious dark beings. Humans shouldn’t afraid of them. The purpose of lifeless demons is always fruitless nothingness.
The Parama Prakruti Shakti unsupports evils and their tormenting goals. It is always good to eulogize the highest Gods and goddesses Devi Kali, Lord AdiKrishna, Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, and Devi Gayatri to eradicate the atrocities of poor daemons living and feeding on human resources. These dark beings are affixed solely to Land i.e Material Gravity. The land is full of Materials ( Metals and Substances) and those Material Minds.
The Gods fly. Air and water get enormous sunlight because of boundlessness when compared to Land. Gods are bright light beings. Hence they communicate through Air and also vast water. The light doesn’t pass through heavy Earth. The light simply shines on the earth’s surface.
Similarly, The human body is made up of Skin and bones. The Sun’s rays slightly shine on the skin during daylight and vanish at night. it doesn’t make our soul brighter from outside to inside. Enlightenment is the Awakening of the inner  Sun( or the bright starry cosmos). We can awaken it either from the inside or outside. The inner Sun lives in the Agna chakra the Bindi place or a Bindu. Om Shri Krishna Kali! The human or Human memory can attain higher cosmic accelerations by meditating on higher Gods. The highest teacher can give a balanced high victorious life. That higher teacher is Adi Purusha Shri Lord Vishwa Krishna. The mosquitoes can’t attack Enlightened beings because of their default “Bright Soul Syndrome”. Therefore get rid of mosquitoes and demons by awakening the internal sun and its glow. You can awaken the internal Sun by consciously concentrating upon the external Sun in the Sky or by internal breath Meditation. Both paths lead to Awakening.

“Then merge your internal Sun’s code with External Sun’s Code”.

“Sun to Sun becomes one with Sun and this planetary system”.

Rule the System truthfully like Shri AdiParashakti.


Published by Shree Radha

I am Sri Radhananda Kali Mataji from India. A 36 year old Celibate , Writer, Motivator, Spiritual Speaker and a Yogi. My motto is to spread the Divine Knowledge everywhere effortlessly. I produce my content in simple ways.

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