Adi Purusha – Shri Adi Krishna

Goddess Shri Adi para shakti Kali is the Mother of Eternity. She is the original mother of every soul residing in every planetary galaxy of the multidimensional cosmos. As a mother, she takes utmost care of all beings. Parashakti Kali has the complete power to create, rule, destroy, grace and bless the entire Universal cosmos. While she is acting as a mother, her husband power Shri AdiKrishnaKali Lord acts as the father of the entire multidimensional cosmos. A mother’s job is to bare the Universe while the father’s job is to bare and care for the Universal entities which are living in Maha Prakriti Shakti ( Power)

To understand Adiparashakti Kali as a whole one has to study under the Universal guidance of lord Shri Adi Kali Krishna.AdiShakti and Adi Purusha Shri Krishna Kali are two top Gurus of one Universal collective soul. These two universal multi-dimensional Top Gurus work at different levels but they are only one God in two different forms Universal male and Universal female. The Universal Male power is Lord Shri Adi Purusha Krishna. The universal female is Shri Adiparashakti Kali. She is also known as Radha, Bhuvaneshwari, Lalitha, and Gayatri. Lord Adi Purusha is also known as Dwaraka Krishna, Govinda, Vishnu, Brahma, Shiva, Bhairava, Goloka Krishna, Rushi, Muni, and Yogi. These are the several cosmic powers of infinite Adi Purusha Krishna. Adi Shakti and Adi Purusha are the only ones absorbed in deep meditative states at every part of the time.

Adi para shakti Kali is subjected to power. Adi Krishna Kali lord is subjected to concepts of power.

It means they both have been absorbed in severe penance on the topper cosmic space since zero. They continue to do the same in zero states in zero time. Hence they are called ageless Gods, Adi Shakti and Adi Purusha. Every energy entity in the cosmos worships Adi shakti and Adi Purusha to attain that zero state. While Adi shakti Kali delivers unlimited power. A normal house runs on an average of 100v per day. A diseased human has 1-2v power on average per day. While a Yogi attains 10-50v power through yogic ritualistic life on Earth. Even earthly human yogis struggle to up their power capacity due to a lack of AdiShakti and Adi Purusha Grace. Humanity has been struggling for aeons to upgrade its power capacity. Everything is possible in this endless Cosmic Universe. Hence every living being has to start worshipping Adi Purusha Sri Adi Krishna and Adi Parashakti Sri Kali to upgrade their power capacity. The other name of Power is divine light. It is also called knowledge. The more light you get the more powerful you will be. Keep a picture of Shri Kali Krishna Yugal murti inside your home. Always keep your focus on them to attain higher spirituality. Om Shri KaliKrishnaya namaha.My only Guru is Universal Lord Shri Adi Purusha Sri Adi Krishna. I acquire knowledge through his divine Grace. I pray to Sri Adi Purusha Krishna to lead my way to higher spirituality.


Published by Shree Radha

I am Sri Radhananda Kali Mataji from India. A 36 year old Celibate , Writer, Motivator, Spiritual Speaker and a Yogi. My motto is to spread the Divine Knowledge everywhere effortlessly. I produce my content in simple ways.

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