The Blue Gods of Hinduism ( Explained)

Blue is the color of profound spirituality. A few Hindu Gods and Goddesses are depicted in Blue color. Lord Shiva, Shri Hari Narayana, Devi Parashakti Kali, Lord Shri Krishna, Lord Rama, and Neela Saraswati are a few of them.

Allow me to explain why they are blue. They are extremely spiritual, beyond emotions and human comprehension. Their personalities are transparent like a blue ocean. A single particle in their body is more powerful than several atom bombs combined. Their blue bodies have the sharpness of a million swords. Hence it is highly necessary to attain their divine grace before their divine darshan, otherwise, you will have to suffer from their powerful energies. Their blue energy is more potent than a million weapons. The cosmic blue energy is sharper than a million swords and serves as the foundation for wish fulfillment or Sankalpa siddhi. This energy is the source of universal attraction. These gods can create multiple universes with a single particle in their bodies. Humans must perform severe penance to obtain this cosmic blue vibe, which emanates from the deep core of the third eye. This blue energy creates a universally attractive personality.

Just look at the photographs of Yogis and ascetics; none of them are in blue. Earthly Yogis are depicted in white or yellow. Blue Gods and Goddesses are spiritual beings from higher realms. There are fourteen(14) spiritual realms in our universe.

1. Satyaloka (Brahma-loka) – The place beyond death. Our Soul’s Home ( Aatman )
2. Tapoloka – The realm beyond death.
Tapas, the abode of ascetics
3. Janoloka – The realm beyond death, the home of the Sapta rishis, and the mind-born ones.
4. Maharloka – The realm beyond death, the dwelling place of enlightened beings
5. Svarloka (Svarga-loka) – Indra’s and the demigods’ domain.
6. Bhuvarloka- Planets and Stars’ Home
7. Bhuloka – The Human Home

8. Atala Loka- Yama’s Son’s domain, which is teeming with Maya.
9. Vitalaloka – Home of Rakshasa women who adorn themselves with gold.
10. Sutalaloka – King Bali’s realm, brimming with luxury and wealth.
11. Talatalalloka- Yaksha’s Domain
12. Mahatalalloka – Realm of Kadru’s Dangerous Serpents.
13. Rasatalalloka – Home of Diti’s sons, the Daityas and Rakshasas.
14. Patalalloka – Naga clan’s domain

The spiritual realms 1–7 are higher spiritual realms. Lower spiritual realms are represented by numbers 8 to 14.

The beings of the 14. Patala realm has a dark black aura, which is why they are referred to as demons. Humans must stop judging others based on their skin color. The color of Karma represents their true energy. We must learn and understand others through their karmic deeds and color of energies. The color of religion and caste is of no use in the world of Karma and spirituality. We are Karmic beings until we attain the complete blissful state of Brahmananda ( Universal Love )

When you look at the energy surrounding a smartphone, it is pitch black. As a result, it depletes human energy after a few hours of use. The divine eye, on the other hand, sees through the white light. Because white light has a high energy level, these visions boost human energy.

Humans are not brand new souls, they are old souls when compared to other species on earth. The Yogis and highly knowledged ones are extremely old souls compared to average humans. The Gods and Goddesses are even more old souls who have been serving as Gods for eons. The souls in the Brahma realm are extremely old compared to souls in the Bhuloka realm.

Published by Shree Radha

I am Sri Radhananda Kali Mataji from India. A 36 year old Celibate , Writer, Motivator, Spiritual Speaker and a Yogi. My motto is to spread the Divine Knowledge everywhere effortlessly. I produce my content in simple ways.

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