The Sun and Moon food for Ultimate Energy Balance in Human Body

The day is ruled by the Sun, and the night is ruled by the Moon. They are both visible in the sky. The sun is the source of all heat. The moon is the epicentre of cold. Did you know that our bodies have sun and moon centres?

The Sun centre, or heat production centre, is located at the Manipura chakra, or Navel Point, and it generates heat in the body. The Moon governs the mind. It is the body’s source of cold. The Moon’s centre is in the centre of the Brain. When you reach higher levels of consciousness, you will be able to see your full moon.

Sun Centre connected to Pingala

Pingala Nadi is linked to the Sun Centre. Pingala heat energy is responsible for the right side of the body. Pingala comes to an end at the third eye point. Excessive sleep, laziness, low creativity, sobriety, and low concentration result from low Sun energy and high Moon energy. Sun energies govern the body below the head.

Moon Centre connected to Ida

The Moon’s centre is linked to Ida Nadi. Its energy will be felt on the left side of the body, close to the heart. Heart attacks, mental illness, and emotional turmoil are the result of low moon energy and high sun energy. The upper body is ruled by Moon energies.

The majority of human eating habits are dictated by their climatic conditions. Cold countries consume foods that produce heat. Cold-producing foods are eaten in hot countries. However, we must eat in accordance with our energies rather than the external climatic conditions.

The food for Perfect Sun Moon Balance

Remember, the Moon rules the mind. It denotes that the moon’s energies soothe the mind and body. The body is ruled by the sun’s energies. The sushumna Nadi is the body’s ultimate Sun-Moon energy balancer. When these two energies combine, they produce a powerful energy in our bodies known as Kundalini. Because it is the ultimate balance, it comes from the centre of the body. We fight because of a heat-cold imbalance in our bodies.

Causes of recurring Wars on planet Earth

Certain planetary combinations produce an excess of heat, while others produce an excess of cold. For example, the Sun, Mars, and Venus are conjunct in Capricorn. These are scorching planets. That heat energy was directed at humans on Earth. Few planets are cold at high altitudes and hot during the day. Certain situations on Earth will be created as a result of the time of conjunction and the type of energy. We become the scapegoat of destructive energies when we are out of balance. We fight when our sun and moon are out of sync. Heat and cosmic radiation from other planets in the solar system cause wars on Earth. As a result, it is always necessary for humans to achieve a perfect balance of energies in our bodies.

Various Cosmic Entities

There are only two types of planets: hot and cold. The heat of war. Love is icy. When planets conjunct with heat energies, we get into warlike situations. When they come into contact with cold energies, we bring about peace. The majority of the planets in our solar system have hot temperatures. As a result, we have a cold woman near our planet, Mother Moon. We can harness her energies to create powerful Kundalini.

Yogic practises teach us how to achieve a remarkable balance of energies. Kundalini is the result of this incredible Sun-Moon balance. Now I’ll tell you about the foods that promote healthy, balanced energies in our bodies.

Do you know what causes heart attacks in heavy weight lifters?

It is due to burden of heat on the heart .It tells the heart to work hard.We have work smart not hard .The protein produces heat.The heart is on the left side of the body, hence it always need cold and calming energies for a good lifespan.Heat irritates the heart by making it work hard.Depression and mental illnesses are due to excess heat in heart and brain. Heart is the centre of love. It originates from a stable, peaceful mind.The person comes out of the karmic cycle when he/she fills their heart with love.

The Moon Foods

Rice, Vegetables, Flowers, Herbs, Roots, and Green Leafy Vegetables

The Sun foods

Pulses, cereals, and nuts

The Sun and Moon food

Consume rice, wheat bread (legumes), and vegetables on a daily basis.

Rice soothes the heart and mind, whereas wheat generates heat in the body. Both are critical for maintaining a healthy, well-balanced temperature in our body energy. The majority of Indians consume both rice and wheat. Unintelligent humans force others to consume only protein. It is not assisting in the creation of a balance of energies.

Always pay attention to the resulting energies that your food produces. The food we eat on a daily basis must strike a balance between heat and cold. Excess heat and cold cause a variety of diseases. Radiation is heat, and atomic explosion is heat. These types of events occur as a result of excess heat and cosmic radiation from other planets and begin. Our bodies are intelligent, capable of combating heat and cold and maintaining a healthy balance.

Always consume a well balanced diet that should produce equal amount of heat and cold.

The Forecasters

They were Yogis from the past who could see into the future. They only predicted the events, not their origin and cause. Countless destructive events may occur in the future. Why should you have to wait for destructive events to reoccur when you know what is causing them? Excess heat buildup in the planets is caused by any destruction. We are intelligent enough to avoid these calamities.


Published by Shree Radha

I am Sri Radhananda Kali Mataji from India. A 36 year old Celibate , Writer, Motivator, Spiritual Speaker and a Yogi. My motto is to spread the Divine Knowledge everywhere effortlessly. I produce my content in simple ways.

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