The Four Fold Power of Dharma ( Types of Beings)

Dharma is the steadfast higher path in the universe .It is the great cosmic force. This world is born of Dharma, which is fixed by Dharma. In order for a house to be stable, solid foundations must be laid on the ground. Those foundations must hold the house firmly in place. A firmly fixed house is our mind. Our fixed mind is the great foundation for the establishment of Dharma.

Sri Adiparasakti Goddess’s mind is immovable for eternity. The virtue of wearing such infinitely stable mind is immovable for eternity. Mother’s mind is the great foundation for sustainable virtue in the universe. Until the world is filled with righteousness that loses its stability in some worlds.

There is no virtue in the unstable mind. Hence, the power of virtue diminishes and grows in the ages. As virtue decreases over time in a planet, the speed of movement in the mind increases and sinful deeds increase. Mind must remain in a constant high position for eternity to stabilize Dharma.

Establishing Dharma in this world requires a lot of penance and Goddess’ grace and effort. Establishing Dharma is not so easy. The actual movement of the mind should be null and void completely . This is the great merit of Dharma accomplishment. The complete accomplishment of Truth must be present before attaining Dharma .

The three fold Truth

Three fold truth accomplishment .That is, to perceive, to hear, to see, to be able to say Truth without any emotional energies If one day suddenly finds out about the betrayal of a cheating husband or wife, their mind will be filled with emotions and life will be darkened with worries, pain and anguish. When the empty mind without emotions is stable, the mind will be able to see Truth of Past Present and Future with pure love .

If the same mind does not move till eternity, it will be able to see the infinite living truths of time. Dharmadharana Siddhi is attained only after the Grace of mother Sri Adi Parasakthi Kali. The truths in the beings of ignorant are filled with many evil forces. Those who view the three period truth of living beings must be the great God or Goddess who can make these evil forces disappear in seconds.

Universal Dharmic beings are four. These are also known as Chaturvarnas in our world.

Accomplished Dharmic Beings / Gods Goddessess

They are fully embodied in Dharma. They are the counterpart of Dharma. Only those who keep the mind fixed for eternity and have the attainment of Truth attain this supreme Power from Sri Adiparasakti Amma. All the super powers in the cosmos are under her control. These powerful Dharmic beings can keep Dharma Shakti on their own till eternity.They are omnipresent Cosmic Gods and Goddesses.Eternal Dharma boon is immortality, Brahma Gnana is the embodiment of infinite power.

Dharma Defenders

Dharma holders The next of the Dharmic beings are the Dharma holders. They can wear the Dharmic Power as long as their mind remains stable. They are not those who have the knowledge of Universal Brahma, they are not the ones who have attained immortality. They are only protecting those who practice Dharma.

Dharma Spectators

They look away from Dharma like an audience. They do not know what Dharma is, they are completely ignorant. Attempts to realize the power of Dharma through divine deeds by doing sinful deeds. They cannot practice Dharma except by listening and watching from a distance.

Dharma figures have the complete knowledge of Omnipresent, the embodiment of full cosmic power. The benefactors are trying to defend the Dharma with their meager power. They are the defenders of Dharma. Dharma practitioners are simply trying to practice Dharma. The fourth is the ignorant who do not practice Dharma unless they are listening and watching Dharma from a distance like spectator fans.

Dharma spectators become those who practice Dharma after some births. After some births they become Dharma practitioners and defend Dharma. After a few more births they become Dharma figures like Bhagwati. They become a full-fledged Dharma Power.


Published by Shree Radha

I am Sri Radhananda Kali Mataji from India. A 36 year old Celibate , Writer, Motivator, Spiritual Speaker and a Yogi. My motto is to spread the Divine Knowledge everywhere effortlessly. I produce my content in simple ways.

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