Process to remove the Demons in Us

Are you afraid of looking at yourself in the mirror in the midnight or even during the day? This is just for you.

We can clear our evil energies in only two ways.

1.Reciting Chandi Path everyday kills all evil in us keeps us positive all the time like Our Goddess Kali, Gayatri , Lalitha , Bhuvaneshwari.

2.Mirror Tratak.

You can follow any one of this.It yields great fruits in your life.The second path shows your own reality.You can change your negative reality to a bright positive reality with Mirror Trataka .

Today I am going to tell you an Ancient Yogic process to kill all the demons inside you.These demons create great havoc out of our day to day life.They ruin our Fame,damage our name , keeps us in the bubble of fear, ruin our life , create depression and many more.All these troubles are due to presence of demonic energies in our body and Mind.

We can clear these demonic energies with diligent daily practice.Astanga yoga has the solutions to all our troubles.You may be calm by nature but the angry ones can drag you into their problematic mind .what can you do in this situation? You just have to fight the bad energies wisely with a stable mind .Ashtanga Yoga is all about creating a great Positive Stable Mind.

You see in the Horror movies, the souls with ugly face and bodies.They are real.The Ugliness is due to the presence of dark energy before death.That energy carry forwarded to their soul energy.These dark souls need help but we are afraid of them.They are few good souls who died to unexpected evil circumstances.This Human life is a great Learning.The one who learns that everything has their own purpose will be known as Noble Soul. Noble learning is delivered by Nobel Souls .( Goddess Kali )

Firstly, Write down the list of bad emotions and their wakeup and sleep time.The list of entrapping emotions are

Disgust Anger Disgust and Shame

These emotions live in our body in isolated areas.(Like an isolated patient at Hospital.) They wakeup by certain mental triggers from other minds.When they wakeup all it does is self destruction.For example : Your wife has triggered the dormant anger in you early in the morning while you were doing meditation.Your Angry demon wakesup from inside to conquer your wifes energies by hitting or tormenting.Your neighborhood found out you ill deed .They maintain distance from you to safeguard themself.You never know,any one can wakeup the dormant demonic energies in us. These dark energies are living in us like a big Mansion with many rooms.Consider the individual rooms as dark demonic energies.You have to destroy these rooms to make it a big empty positive space with open doors.Lord Krishna’s abode Dwaraka means many open doors.The doors in the city of Dwaraka are always open.We have to wakeup the demons in our body sleeping in closed rooms.Send them out and keep the door open.Fill the room with positive energy.Never ever rent your body rooms to a demon.They have their own mind and destructive nature.

We can clear all the demonic energies by practicing Ancient ” Mirror Trataka ” .My Soul is my great Teacher.My Mother Kali is my wonderful Guide.

Take a mirror ,keep it infront of your face.Apply a mark or Vermilion on your face( between eye brows) before practice. Now look at your face in the mirror.Concentrate on your vermilion.Gaze the mark without blinking the eyes for atleast an hour.Increase your practice time upto  8 hours.

During the practice ,the dark energies in you rises up and vanish .You will be able to see the shape of  your dark energies in the mirror.Please do not practice at night.One has to practice it during the broad day sunlight.

If you are afraid of looking at your own dark energies in the mirror you can gaze the image of Lord Krishna or Goddess Kali.Gods are our mirrors .They clear our dark energies in just few months.

If you have any queries you can comment down in the section below.I will be extremely happy to guide you in this process .This process gives birth to a bright stable mind.

Benefits of Mirror Trataka Practice

1. Calms us instantly.

2.Brings up our true nature to the surface.Our True Nature is always full of Love , Happiness and Brave.People cast anger and other evil energies to sabotage our true nature. We have to increase this practice to increase the timeframe of our true nature.

3.Removes evil casting or evil eye.

4.Creates an immovable mind


Published by Shree Radha

I am Sri Radhananda Kali Mataji from India. A 36 year old Celibate , Writer, Motivator, Spiritual Speaker and a Yogi. My motto is to spread the Divine Knowledge everywhere effortlessly. I produce my content in simple ways.

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