The Job of Soul is to create God

The only bigger Job of our Soul is to Expand our Power .Let me explain the work of Soul.

This entire Universe is a big ball of Highly Transformational Kundalini Power.The Soul is neither energy nor power.Energy has vibrations but the Soul doesn’t.It uses and transforms energy into useful positive energy.Just for the welfare of Humanity.

In the begining, the Soul takes a small bright freely moving energy particle from the Universe. The Soul makes the energy particle to take birth.The bright energy particle starts its life journey with single cell bodies .The Energy particle enters and sheds the bodies of various creatures,bacteria,insects,parasites,moths.They shed these bodies after accumulating small amount of energy.The single energy particle is now a group of energy particles move with different characteristics.Just like a group of honey bees.When you attack a honey bee group they seperate into smaller groups according to the individual bee aim and characteristics.These smaller energy groups are from one life unit .

These smaller energy groups have different aims.They take their lead according to the time and opposition.These smaller energy groups are easily influenced by various earthly energies.They are influenced by climatic energies and life energies( animals,humans)

This One unit of energy with different aims and characteristics takes the birth of few other creatures like butterfly,fish,frog.It will accumulate some more energy by taking few other births.It has to accumulate more energy.So it takes the birth of reptiles,snakes,crocodiles and few more bigger animals like zebra, elephant,tigers.

This small group of energy particles( with different aims) turn to a bigger group by doing some karmas in these respective animal births.Few humans grow animals at homes,this is to cultivate the uncharacterozised energy in them.They change the different aims in them to only one single aim by showing care and Love.Love has one aim that is loving,Anger has multiple aims, that is killing ,tormenting revenge.Despair has multiple aims, self harm ,revenge,anxiety ,killing.

Humans teach these animals the good and bad qualities .This one unit of different aimed energies has received some characteristics.The sub groups change their aims.Few sub groups merge into one big sub energy group.The entire life unit could be neither good nor bad.That energy takes the birth of orangutan,Monkeys,Zebras,Dogs , cats,birds,horses .This life unit living in these animal bodies get more good qualities by living along with Humans.After accumulating some more energy,it takes the birth of Humans.

We observe humans with Good and bad qualities.It is due to uncultured subgroup energy in them.We humans teach the righteous path to fellow humans.This righteous path accumulates great energy by doing various Merges all the subgroups with individual aims into one large unit of energy with one aim i.e Universal Love.

You can observe how a single energy particle turned into a bigger group of particles by accumulating energies through various birth.

Now the Humans have to expand these energies until it reaches the final limit.Collecting a group of energy particles can be achieved by taking various births.One has to transform their energies into high power kundalini Energy unit for greater expansion.This Kundalini Energy assigns all good characteristics to the life energy in humans.Once the energy gets all the good universal expansive qualities ,it will start to expand through Austerity.

This Kundalini Energy acts as one bigger unit of energy with all good qualities.This One unit of energy doesn’t easily spilt because of its characteristics and single minded aim.All the good qualities in this Universe has only one single aim that is Universal Love.

All the particles in one human life unit has one universal quality that is love.When the body attains this quality completely,it can expand its energy to any level.The energy doubles every second.Initially this energy gets the size of planet earth,later it increases its size through Austerity.This energy can expand till the end of Universe .We are just trying to expand our energy unit within the Universal energy Unit.We are a power ball inside a power ball .The soul uses this energy for the sake of Humanity and other planets.This is the entire job of the soul .It transforms an uncultivated freely roaming bright energy particle into a Bigger God Energy Unit with single aim.Soul is here to make you a God with single aim.These God energies help other energies with their journey for quick transformation of its qualities.


Published by Shree Radha

I am Sri Radhananda Kali Mataji from India. A 36 year old Celibate , Writer, Motivator, Spiritual Speaker and a Yogi. My motto is to spread the Divine Knowledge everywhere effortlessly. I produce my content in simple ways.

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