The Process of Restrictive Energies

Universal Energies are of Two types                        1. Isolated Energies ( Asura Shakti  / Demonic Energies)                                                   2.Independent Energies ( Divine Energies / Positive Energies)

Isolated Energies does not work in team.They are diseased dark energies.You keep a COVID patient in isolation due to fear of the disease.It degrades your life .This is how the isolated energies work within our body ,against our divine will.

Independent Energies are divinely positive energies.They are bright and luminous .Disease free. Work in teams , can create great teams to uplift the human race.

People can create confining energies to keep you in captivity. Imagine you are travelling in a cab. The cab driver found out you are fearful by your looks and body movements. He/she project their dark energies around you. They take your image surrounded by bad energies inside their mind. They have now trapped your image in their mind with their bad energies. You are now a prisoner of their mind. You became suspicious of their thoughts and behavior. You felt weak due to darkness and loneliness. The fear has eluded your mind. You now successfully became their prisoner.This is called entrapment by Dark energies .They are  people who use their polluted positive energy to confine others in their mind.

Isolated Energy Traps are two types                                    1. Dark Energy                                               2.Polluted Positive Energy

Here is an example of a polluted positive energy trap. Their first project, Polluted Love and Delusion vis-à-vis you. Once you get trapped within their minds. They dig silver, gold, properties you call them.

The process that I mentioned in these examples are quite famous on Earth on many levels. It is used in family relationships, offices, travel, institutions, business offices, and more.

What prompted you to have other humans and animals attack you?

1.Your fear, darkness and solitude.                          2. They have used your dark energy called fear to turn you into a prisoner of their minds. They held you captive as long as they wanted with their own obscure energies.

What are these negative capturing energies?

Ego, Possessivity, Greed, Fear, Jealousy, Vengeance, Delusion.

How can you take down those energies?

Cultivate Inner Light, valor, Truth and Love. The inner luminosity pushes you through those highly positive energies that can instantly destroy negative entrapment energies through your speech or strong mind.

The law of attraction must be nurtured with very positive energies for the well-being of the human race. Be wary of anyone who develops the law of attraction without completely taking away their negative energies. Because they can create prisons for you in their gloomy spirit. They rule your life with their dark mind like a jailor of multiple prisons.

Note: This Blog is Just to throw some light on the existence Toxic relations.Dark energies always Create Toxic relationshipa.You can develop highly  Independent Positive Energies within yourself through Yogic process.Once your energies become independent there will be no need for you to fear ego or vengeance.Highly Positive Energies act at will independently without touching others.Like a water drop on lotus leaf. It shines even in the large crowd like a bright sun.Once you become the sun ,there will be several moons and stars surround by you seeking your divine light.

Note: I am just throwing some light on the existence of toxic relations on Earth.Dark Energies   and Polluted positive energies create toxic relations.People try to escape these toxic energies instead of destroying them .Yogic process has been there on Earth since eons for the constant uplift ment of humanity.Every human I eligible to develop independent energies.The one who develops independent energies can work at will with high will power .


Published by Shree Radha

I am Sri Radhananda Kali Mataji from India. A 36 year old Celibate , Writer, Motivator, Spiritual Speaker and a Yogi. My motto is to spread the Divine Knowledge everywhere effortlessly. I produce my content in simple ways.

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