The topmost energy sheet covering our body is our Bliss Body. This body is where we connect to the Universe. In fact, our Bliss Body is the gate to the Universe. Astral Travel, Third Eye, Samadhi, Advaitha State, and Brahma-Gyan are all possible only with our Bliss Body.Without activating your Bliss Body, you cannot access higher states of Mind.

Five Energy

Human bodies are mass energy. Each one is surrounded by different energy fields or different energy sheets, which Spirituality calls “Pancha Kosha”. Pancha means five and Kosha means cover, layer, door or sheet. It would be more accurate to call it an energy layer.

According to Yogic Theory, there are five Koshas: 1. Annamayya Kosha 2. Pranamaya Kosha 3. Manomaya Kosha 4. Vignamaya Kosha and 5.Anandamaya Kosha.

When this 1. Annamaya Kosha is created by the energy of food we eat. This layer is made up of Earth energy – the earth is hard and so is food. When Annamaya Kosha is strong and highly active, the downside is that it keeps us in a cycle of eating and sleeping. Therefore, on Earth, we see most humans cooking and eating 4-5 times a day.In the present day, this has increased due to our diet consciousness.Most of the time, the minds of humans are pondering over healthy food.This increased interest in food keeps this layer open and active all the time.The reason for most humans remaining in the cycle of cooking and eating is that the top layers are still unformed. We won’t be able to cross this over to reach bliss. We have to cross this doorway to connect ourselves to the Universe and our Soul/Higher Energies/Gods and Goddesses.This is the first of five doors leading into the Universe.

2.Pranamaya Kosha is created by electric nerves and meridian lines within the body. Our nervous system has to be strong and active in order to keep this layer strong and active. This layer holds more energy than the Annamaya Kosha. When the nervous system suffers, this layer degenerates.As a result, we feel tired most of the time. Pranayama increases the electric force in the Nerves, thus strengthening and energizing the nervous system, keeping it healthy and active. Yoga Asanas and Exercises also assist in moving the stagnant force in the Nerves.To keep this layer active and energized, pranayama is best.A healthy Pranamaya Kosha keeps us free of disease and emotion.This is the second of the five doors to the universe.

Manomaya Kosha is created by the energy of the Mind. An unstable Mind creates weak Manomaya Kosha. Emotions, Greed, Sadness, Lust, Ego, Bond, Ignorance, and Death totter the Mind. You must keep this layer strong to access the Universe. The practice of Trataka (constant gazing) remains the key for accessing the Universe.In the beginning, it is possible to retain only the outer layers of objects in the Mind. With practice, though, you will be able to see the whole object in color. When you develop a good visual mind, you can move on to internal meditation.You need to keep your favorite god in mind, and then look into the mental image with your inner eye. The process of trataka energizes Manomaya Kosha. This is the third of the five doors to the Universe. You must keep this layer strong so you can cross the door to attain psychic powers or Asta Siddhis.

Goddess Kali Thunderous Kundalini Shakti

Vignamaya Kosha is created with divine illumination or intelligence or Buddhi. This is a seat for the Agna chakra or third eye. The Buddhi is the decision maker in our head. If it has poor or no illumination, it makes poor decisions. Confusion arises due to unhealthy intelligence. One has to brighten the intelligence through constant meditation..This is the fourth of the five doors to the universe.If this layer is strong, one can get answers to any problem within seconds.Meditation and Trataka keep this layer strong and healthy.Without high intelligence, we will be in turmoil. Intelligence is the key to success in every road you take in life.You will become intelligent only after attaining a state of no thought and peace of mind.There is only one door that leads to crossover.

Anandamaya Kosha is created from the heart center. It is the seat of infinite love and bliss. Since God is always full of love and bliss, this is the key layer that connects us to everything in this Universe. You are able to communicate with everyone here, and you can access any Mind. This layer allows you to learn and master anything in just a few seconds. Hence you will be called a god.This state can be difficult to sustain for longer periods of time. One needs to improve Kundalini power in the body to sustain it for longer periods. Lord Shri Krishna has thunderous Kundalini power. Initially it acts like a serpent power, but with practice it starts acting like the power of thunder. In Hinduism there are Gods who create thunder storms. It is the power of Kundalini.In addition to increasing its strength to any extent, 1 to 1,000,000 Thunder Power Kundalini energy can also be activated. You just need to practice. Your body will adjust to it gradually. Keep your concentration at your heart center to activate blissful body. Once this state has been achieved, you will surely be called God. Ayurveda herb Guduchi activates bliss body. No door into the Universe can be opened without crossing the other four layers.You will no longer be concerned with your body and mind when your bliss body is highly active. You are detached from everything and attached only to Universal Love. Yet you still have access to everything at your own will. Your bliss body has the strongest will power in the Universe. You can do anything at will within few seconds.

Lord Shri Krishna Thunderous Kundalini Shakti

Having an unhealthy first layer coupled with an unhealthy second layer keep human in the vicious cycle of eating and sleeping. To break out of the cycle of Samsara, one must strengthen the last four layers. There are many humans who do not have fully developed koshas around their bodies. Therefore, they survive and die solely on one layer, i.e. Annamaya kosha.


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I am Sri Radhananda Kali Mataji from India. A 36 year old Celibate , Writer, Motivator, Spiritual Speaker and a Yogi. My motto is to spread the Divine Knowledge everywhere effortlessly. I produce my content in simple ways.


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