Indians Piping Hot Meal Consumption Health Secret

Meals provide nutrition and energy to our body. Once the meal is ready, the energy stays in it for about 20 minutes. After 30 minutes of cooking, the energy in the meal diminishes. In the evening, no energy or aroma remains.

Meals are made with many healthy ingredients .If they are all cooked together in a pot, it emits a good aroma .The aroma brings excitement that is not in us .Even old people who can not walk start to smell the food get exited and small children jump with happiness .All these are wonderful prepared meal Powers.

Those who walk lazily with hunger, when they enter the dining room next door, all the weariness disappears immediately because the dining room is always preparing delicious meals. The dining room is also high on fire energy.

The prepared meal is served hot .This meal brings joy to everyone in the house. If we begin to hate the woman who is making us happy by serving food thrice a day, well, the life of the head of the family will be ruined.

Our elders said that woman is the form of Goddess Annapurna. Not every woman is Annapurna. But She can be done with a little effort. If so, they should have Annapurna Siddhi. Annapurna Siddhi means ,the one shall be able to prepare any dish in any quantity effortlessly deliciously .

It takes us 20-30 years to learn the cuisine of our area, already coming of age. And are the dishes of other regions really the spindle for us? Here’s the trick.

Proper care, proper effort, calmness, skill, endurance, concentration. These are the things we should use in our daily life. Cooking brings joy to us, our family, and those around us. That happiness we must double, not diminish.

If we eat regularly with good care and concentration, our fire energy will rise up in a few days. Kitchen is the place of fire. Cooking is a perpetual family nutrition health ritual .

If we do our ritual well, we will become friends with fire and friendship with heat. That’s why our grandmothers were able to touch the burning hot pans directly by hands . Fieryness increases the excitement in our body and prolongs our life.

There are millions of women who have transformed from housevifes to village goddesses. The village goddesses are the godesses who protect our villages and towns. Every town and every Village has their own Goddess , who is the protector of the place.These Goddesses did not come from any other planet. They were once housewives,they opened their thirdeye and became village and town deities several years ago. In those days, the kitchen was their place of spiritual worship.We still have many unnoticed infamous women on earth, who attained spiritual powers just by cooking food at kitchen.

Filled with attention, devotion and concentration, those women opened the third eye of them by performing the daily fire sacrifice ritual called Regular Meal Preperation. Our third eye gives us divinity. It makes us gods and goddesses.

Men die quickly and get sick quickly, because they blaspheme and blame the woman who is doing them the most good in the house, they have no virtue, no masculinity, just trials, illnesses, falls, accidents. I’m talking about divine female figures. Not those dedicated to the walls and daily Soap shows.

Yet women have Siddhis .Annapurna Siddhi comes when the third eye is opened. Those who have it, no matter what recipe they see, can immediately make the most delicious.

If we thaw a meal within 20 minutes of being prepared, that meal will digest quickly and give us energy, health, and longevity. This generation is consuming food stored in Lunch boxes and eating food stored in the refrigerators. This is an ill healthy habit, the life does not come out of the food that is stored for long time( more then three hours) .Because the life in it is already vanished .

The stored food has no fragrance, only dead matter. It is like eating dead flesh. We humans, are forcely killing an animal to consume it as our food.When we die our body will be cremated because it is of no use and lifeless .we should allow the animals to complete their life cycle .if we forcebily shorten it’s life,our life will also be shortened .Hence,killing an animal which has good life span will eat our life immediately.We have to allow the animals ,birds,reptiles to finish their life cycle ,later They enter into new cycle called Human species .Let them finish their journey .Everyone are travellers on this Earth. There is no biological inequality here.

The living will suffer before being forced to die .When we die our body will be burned, why ! it is worth nothing. But why do we eat dead bodies? Should the organism be burned at the end of its life as well .

Pride does not increase our lifespan when it sits at the top of the head. The soul increases life expectancy when it sits on the top of our head. Dead animal food increases pride. An animal is filled with pride. It kills and eats many creatures with the same pride. Dead animal Meat gives us the same trait .Animals are ignorant.Hence our Rushis restricted meat eating .

Yet animals live in fear, without freedom. By eating them we get fear ,ignorance and bondage. So a good plant based food brings happiness, and a hot freshly prepared meal is our health.


Published by Shree Radha

I am Sri Radhananda Kali Mataji from India. A 36 year old Celibate , Writer, Motivator, Spiritual Speaker and a Yogi. My motto is to spread the Divine Knowledge everywhere effortlessly. I produce my content in simple ways.

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