Animal wealth of Ancient Kings ( Astrology)

The kings and queens of the olden days had great treasures in their castles .They raised a wide variety of birds and animals.

The deeds of animals make us happy. Do you know why the original kings raised such a great wide variety of species?

Every living thing on earth is constantly receiving energy from some planet. For example, lions are the kings of the forest. The sun is the king of the planets. Parrots amaze us with their words. Similarly, Mercury gives us good speech power.

The Power of Planet Sun will be good in us by raising animals that have royalty. Royal kings are the ones who raise lions and horses to keep the Energies of Sun strong in them at all times .They have no fear of the enemy because of these DareDevil fast moving Animal Energies.These are super fire signs hence they hate bathing .They clean their bodies with their tongue.One will have the fear of enemy if the power of Planet Sun is low in them.These The kings also have a reputation for raising animals that no one can raise .Every human will have a good reputation if Sun Energies are strong in one’s body .

Kings used to raise fish, turtles and crocodiles in large ponds. They can be found around the walls of the fort or inside the fort.The source of the clean water is the fish and the slowly moving turtles slow the mind .The moon has the power to water . People sit in the water or bathe in the sea/river when their mind is not calm.The energy in the water, the creatures in it calm our mind .Therefore the fishes in the forts, the water sources, the fountains are connected to calming Energies of Mind.They calm the mind ,as well as the place in and around the fort .These fish filled beautiful ponds clear the energies of potential enemies when they visit fort.We observe them as decoration but they are placed for spiritual significance .They make the place peaceful and increase the life force.

Goats, sheep, monkeys ,cats and dogs are found in every kingdom. The kings of that time used to feed them . Sheep and goats are true saints. They listen and walk as they are told.Nevertheless,there were thousands of them in the kingdoms. Due to their existence, faith, pious nature and faith were high in that place. These creature are astonishing daredevils ,fascinate us with their over the edge activities.During this period we see less of these qualities in humans. Those humans work fast, do not get tired .These Animals brings great martian energies to the kingdom .They live a life of respect for each other .The devotion was also high.

Who is not fascinated by parrots, their words and beauty? Mercury Power is rich in Parrots.In the past, parrots were highly raised by kings.Because they bring joy, excitement, wonder and everlasting novelty to every living being.These birds are a feast to eyes and ears. That is why kings used to raise these birds.They strengthen Mercury Energies.

Cows and Elephants were the main attraction of the kingdom. Raising these would increase the power of the Planet Jupiter. These animals were saintly in nature. They were friendly .Therefore, these animals were placed mostly in all kingdoms.

The ancient kings raised pigeons in large numbers. Due to these, the energy of Venus was good. Venus gives comforts and luxury.

Black crows, ants, black dogs, black cats, and black cows possess Saturn powers.These were specially cultivated by the ancient kings. Saturn brings the fruit of our good and bad deeds . People rejected these creatures because of their low key nature.Kings used to raise these to get great royal yogas.

Ants and mice are species that no one cares? The ancient kings fed them to keep the Rahu Ketu powers strong. These creature carry strong Rahu Ketu Power .Every living thing is useful to us and we should not reject anything.when ever you get a chance try to feed these deserted species.

Note: I am not encouraging humans to grow wild animals or Birds at their homes.This Blog is just for informational purpose.


Published by Shree Radha

I am Sri Radhananda Kali Mataji from India. A 36 year old Celibate , Writer, Motivator, Spiritual Speaker and a Yogi. My motto is to spread the Divine Knowledge everywhere effortlessly. I produce my content in simple ways.

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