Yagna for the attainment of Brahmic State

Meditation is the process that Balances the Various forces of our body.Yagnya/Homa is a sacred fire sacrifice ritual performed regularly to balance the forces of Nature.

Men and women performing the sacred daily ritual Homa

Heavy rains and droughts have been occurring more than once a month for the past few years due to the imbalance of natural forces .Extreme levels of rainfall is generally observed once or twice over a period of 100 years .Severe drought is occurring every year at several places on Earth due to lack of minimum rainfall .

Yajna balances the forces of Nature.It is a delusion to think that nature will be good if we are good.

Goddess AdiParaShakti Homa with 24 food items

Nature is a compound of Superpowers. We cannot control Air, we cannot control fire. Henceforth , These are Supernatural forces beyond our control. Such supernatural Existing forces of nature are losing their balance due to minor errors.In the past, heavy rains and droughts were observed once in every 100-200 years.Now the time period has been changed to only once a year. Henceforth, the forces of nature are heavily Imbalanced, is caused by extreme tendencies such as Wars and Anger.

If a child is crying in a corner of the house, his crying can be heard all over the street.In the same way if there is a war ensued on somewhere remote on this planet, Its effect is to be all over Mother Nature. Therefore the Humanity has to constantly perform Yajna .The forces of nature will be balanced rapidly. Resulting in Normal rainfall and Drought never came even for a few million years.Nature protects every living being with utmost care, provides food, and bestows happiness.Salutation to the primordial being in the form of Nature.

Lord Shri Krishna said in BhagavGita about the significance of Yagnya for Humanity.

Every Human has the right to perform this divine ritual.Daily worship is needed to perform this ritual.My Guru Bhagavan Shri Venkata Kali Krishna Guru Maharaj has performed this ritual for 18 long years i.e 6570 days.He attained the “Yagna Purusha Siddhi ” .This siddhi bestows all the desires.Lord Vishu is known as Yagna Purushna.He is the one to perform first Yagnya in this Universe.He performed the ritual continuously by discarding sleep for 12 long years.Devi AdiParashakti was satisfied by his sincerity, she then blessed lord Vishnu with numerous Siddhis and Abundance.She then called Lord Vishnu as Yagnya Purusha.The God of Yagnyas.

saha-yajnah prajah srstva purovaca prajapatih
anena prasavisyadhvam esa vo ‘stv ista-kama-dhuk (3.10 B.G)

In the beginning of creation, the Lord of all creatures Lord Brahma created Men,demigods along with yagnya for Lord Vishnu, and blessed them by saying, “Be happy by this yajna ,(fire sacrifice ritual), because it will bestow all your desires.

Yagnya fulfills all the desires of humanity when performed perfectly.One can reach their Goal is a very short span of time by performing Yagnya.It blesses the spiritual seeker with rapid progress.

Who has to do Yagnya ?

This spiritual ritual is accessible to anyone. The outcome varies from person to person. Yagnya performed by anyone who has not attained the Brahmic State will produce insignificant results. When performed by any Brahmic State attained being, the ritual will yield excellent fruitful ripen results. Innerly, the yagna ritual speaks of the purification of five elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space. Whoever cleanses and stabilises his or her inner pancha bhutas will be able to cleanse the outer pancha bhutas available on Earth. We merge the energies of our Pancha Bhutas in Advaita Brahma through the Bhuta Shuddhi Process.

While attaining an infinite pure state, these pancha bhutas lose their identity. Their general identity is unstable( creating havoc) . They gain a new identity after losing their old one, namely the identity and qualities of infinite Brahma. Their new identity ensures that their force is always pure, and they exhibit greater energy expansion. When one attains the Pure and Infinite Brahmic State and performs a yagna ritual, the Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Space on Earth are cleansed. Through their infinite state, planet earth goes through this expansive cleansing process. When a normal person performs Yagnya, it is merely a wish fulfilment process.

Because not all humans are Brahmas, Lord Brahma instructed humans to include this ritual in their lives as a wish-fulfillment process. Humans achieve the Brahmic state after fulfilling their desires from previous lives. So Lord Brahma devised this process to transform ordinary humans into infinite beings. When an Infinite being performs a yagna, it cleanses the Earth realm or any other darker realm.it has the power to immediately satisfy the hunger pangs of the starving nations and many more bigger problems on planet earth.


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