The Great Division of Time

Time is a vast entity ,It is divided into different segments.Do you know how the larger chunks of Time are segmented?

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Goddess Gayatri

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The vast entity of time is segmented according to the

1.Cycles of Planets
2.Life span of Humans
3.Life span of Demi Gods
4.Life span of Brahma Vishnu and Parameshwara.

Days and years have formed according to the cycles of Planets. These cyclic calculations have named as Astrology. It is just a small segment of Time. We just know the Astrological calculation of only 10 planets in our Galaxy. This Universe has countless Galaxies.

Centuries have formed according to the life span of Humans.

Yugas have formed according to the Life Span of Demi Gods.

Eons are formed according to the Life span of Tridevas.

So, the life span of Eternal Immortals, I.e., our Great Gods Brahma Vishnu Mahesha is enormous when compared to the longevity of planets.

This is the reason we chant the Mantras of eternal divine beings. We will be blessed with immortality When our body liaisons to an eternal being through Mantra (Sacred Energy Letters)

Astrology is just a small part of time.We have to study Gods and Goddesses to understand the vastness of Time.

Authoress- Sri Radha Nanda Kali


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