Use Sandal wood to turn Slander into Glory ( Clears malefic Rahu-North Lunar Node)

Have you ever wondered why few have been well respected than others, when everybody is equal? The divine Power have always been subconsciously well honored by every soul. The divine fragrance enhances the divinity within us.

The Divine fragrance from Mother Earth ( Sandalwood)

There are only few fragrances from Mother Earth that enhance the divinity with in and around us. Today I will tell you only one supreme divine Fragrance that make others pour great respect towards us. It glorifies our self-image in public.

How Evil Tarnish our Image in different levels.

Evil energies have always been trying to tarnish the image of humans through many sources. The Malefic Rāhu (North Node of the Moon) slanders the good reputation. Vilification creates confusion, depression and emotional damage. Even those in big- ranking positions are occasionally blamed by the public.This world has been created for every soul’s glory. Every soul has its own right to rise and shine. The people with good heart have always been slandered by families, public, authorities, governments, and corporates in various occasions. Evil does this to tarnish the image of a person.

Transform Slander into Glory.

We can save ourselves from defame by creating a good Aura that is free from negativity. The malefic Rāhu creates negativity. We can clear it by using sandal wood regularly. Every Indian applies a paste of sandalwood on their body before leaving home. The divine fragrance of sandal wood stills the mind. It cleanses the negativity in our Aura. Just a small bit of it is enough to work for 24 hours. This is a Wonderful tranquil perfume from Mother Earth. The perfumes we use regularly are mixed with many. They generate unnecessary emotions in our body. It makes an unhealthy Aura. An unhealthy Aura magnifies the malefic energies.

Always buy Original sandal wood from government authorized stores. Just a bit of it is enough. Take some sandal wood powder, make a slight paste with water. Then apply it over the body after bath. Let it dry for 2 minutes. Do not use other perfumes. Sandal wood powder is just enough. The divine fragrance stays with you for 24 hours. When you go out in public, people subconsciously bow to you with great respect. The fragrance from Mother Earth enhances our public revamps our prestige.

The divine fragrance of sandal wood keeps our divine vibration alive for longer periods. Do you know that every Hindu temple uses sandal wood during the worship of God? We use it for the Decoration of idols, Abhishek(divine bath), Garlanding and many more. This is just enough to keep the powerful vibration of the place alive for thousands of years.

Make a Moon tea (Moon+Rahu ) for peace of mind and Glory

Moon is the signification of mind. The person will burst out with several emotions When the moon is malefic. When these two join hands, they create a great havoc out of our life. Our decent life will become a daily smear show for others. Scrap a few thin flakes from a piece of sandal wood. Add 2-3 of those thin flakes into 500ml of water. Now take a small root of Indian Sarsaparilla. Crush it, then mix in the water. Boil the water until the room fills with divine fragrance. It clears the Malefic energy of Rāhu from clothes, house, and surroundings. When the Rāhu is malefic, it creates woeful smokes. Examples of Miserable Rāhu are smoke from computers, quick decompose of fruits and vegetables, smoke from electric wires and switches, and charred food. Is your wife/husband always burning the food? It’s Malefic Rāhu. He won’t let others eat good food.

Clear the Negativity. Save your electronic devices. Tranquil the mind. Save your plants, fruits, and vegetables. Save charred trees in your garden. Turn the unfortunate events into notable events. And finally turn slander into Glory.

Author Sri Radhananda Kali.

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Published by Shree Radha

I am Sri Radhananda Kali Mataji from India. A 36 year old Celibate , Writer, Motivator, Spiritual Speaker and a Yogi. My motto is to spread the Divine Knowledge everywhere effortlessly. I produce my content in simple ways.

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