The Astrological Significance of Donating Food on Birthdays.

Food Donation has a substantial significance in Astrology.It fetches mass gain.Most of the cultures on the Planet donate food on Birthday.let me tell you its Powerful Spiritual significance.

Our Birthday is a momentous day of our life.Never discard birthdays.Our Birthday is an extremely powerful day.It has the Power to change the course of our life.Most of the people celebrate it by distributing the Baked items.Proper food satiates the Mind-Body and Soul.This special day comes once in every year.On this special day we have to Donate food with our hard earned money.Others money yield benefit to others.Food donation gives us enormous Positive energy on our birthday. The fruit of circling a religious place for 108 times will be delivered just by Donating food on Our Birthday.

Humans get their energies from Nine celestial planets and 27 stellar groups in the Cosmos. Planetary Energies are part of our day to day life.We may not be able to recognize which energy is playing at a particular point in time.An Astrologer or a Yogi knows it very well.They schedule their tasks according to these energies. However ,not everyone has the same planetary energy at a given time frame.Humans carry Nine Planetary Energies and 27 Stellar Energies.Three in hundred will have similar stellar energies.Eleven in hundred will have similar planetary Energies.

Donating Food to 9 Humans on Birthday

On our Birthday we can donate food to at least nine people. Not Every Human carry similar planetary energies.By donating food to nine people is equivalent to feeding nine planetary energies.When they are satisfied they bless the donator .These Blessings bring us the energy we are lacking in our Body.For instance,we are lacking the Saturn energies.We get this energy from our food receiver.Most of the Humans lack 50% of the stellar and planetary energies.Insufficient Energy bring unhealthy life and toxic relations.On our Birthday we are trying to receive the other 50% of the energies by donating food to other fellow humans.if you are wealthy enough you can donate every day to large numbers.Even Animals and Birds get their energies from Cosmic entities.Donating food to snake removes obstacles in our life.Donating food to street dogs removes unhappiness in our life.Donating food to cats-cow-Buffalo strengthens the Aura.It also blesses us with Abundant wealth.

Donating Food to 27 Humans on Birthday

Donating hard earned food to 27 humans on our Birthday blesses us with 27 individual stellar Energies. Energy Insufficiency will be vanished just by donating food to 27 humans.These 27 Stellar Energies remove various obstacles from our life.These Energies improve our life by bringing more peace and happiness .Few people try hard to change their life path but the time doesn’t allow them to change their course of life.The months around Birthday day are the best to change the course of our life.Food donation on birthday will start running good time in our life.The wheel of fortune will turn towards us permanently.

Donating food to 36 Humans on Birthday

Now we are getting the Energies of 9 planets and 27 stellar entities.These energies are extremely fulfilling.They bless the donator with sound health,Extreme wealth.Also ,it vanishes the redundant bad energies by clearing the bad karmas.It a great Energy cleanse.Always pay complete respect to every human while donating food.It yields more blessings.Our life will become fruitful .

Donating food to Humans more than 100 on Birthday

It blesses us with Abundance.You may be poor now but you can become richer every year just by donating food to more than 100 people on our Birthday.It will fulfill all our Wishes.We will be far popular on Earth.Every one on earth will look at you like an abundant fruit tree.The glory of a good deed is everlasting.Remember this is just a part of accomplished life.May God Bless you.Always pay respect to Universal Mother.She is always kind towards Humanity.

Goddess AnnaPurna donating food to Lord Shiva

Published by Shree Radha

I am Sri Radhananda Kali Mataji from India. A 36 year old Celibate , Writer, Motivator, Spiritual Speaker and a Yogi. My motto is to spread the Divine Knowledge everywhere effortlessly. I produce my content in simple ways.

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