Tratak Vidya- Dharana The Infinite Flow – Viewing all forms of Energies

This was firstly taught by Lord Shiva to his wife Devi Parvati.Ashtanga yoga Vidya was available even before the birth of Rushi Patanjali. This Vidya teach us the right process to attain Samadhi Siddhi . Ashtanga Yoga Vidya Siddhi depends on the accomplishment of Trataka . This process takes the sadhak to serious meditation practice. Tratak is also known as external Meditation. Dhyana is Internal Meditation. Tratak is a compulsory preliminary step to Meditation (Dhyana).

Tratak Vidya is to enhance concentration levels and maintaining the flow of concentration like a waterfall.Tratak is one of the steps of Astanga Yoga Vidya. It is an eight-step procedure to attain the Supreme.The purpose of Trataka is to see and manipulate all forms of Energies .Every object on this planet is a combination of Energy particles .Our Goal is to see microscopic ( Sukshma Shakti Darshanam ) expansive distant and non distant energies through the naked eyes and Third Eye.

The Eight Limbs of Ashtanga Yoga Vidya are 1.Yama, 2. Niyama, 3. Asana, 4. Pranayama, 5.Pratyahara, 6.Dharana, 7.Dhyana and 8.Samadhi.

Trataka Vidya belongs to Dharana of Ashtanga yoga Vidya. They two hold similar meaning when compared. Dharana means” maintaining the flow of Consciousness” . Does anyone drink water continuously without a single break? It’s impossible because the mouth and stomach have their limits .can anyone only inhale the breath continuously? It’s impossible either. We are not designed for that. But we can continuously download consciousness beyond the limits of time.

The five senses have their limits, but consciousness is unlimited .it flows like an infinite waterfall into the mind. Lord Shiva is the only one who could bear extreme wild flow of Consciousness. Devi Ganga leading his head is the representation of Universal consciousness. It falls down like a ferocious waterfall. None of the Rushis on Earth were able to control the feral flow of Goddess Ganga. She is the Goddess of Universal consciousness. The one who bathes in Ganga will be free from all of their sins. I am not talking about the River. I am talking about bath in Universal consciousness. Tratak process provides us the access to bathe in River Ganga every second of our life. The Soul which is purified by Universal consciousness can purify countless Souls.We have countless Ganges on Earth, they are our Gurus and Yogis.

Trataka Vidya is a way to develop universal consciousness. We have five senses, our body has five types of Vāyu (Prana , Apana , Vyana , Udana , Samana ) we have pancha bhootas (Air, water, Earth, Fire, Ether). We can develop Trataka in five ways. These five paths create right balance of Energies in the Body. This is just an Overview of the Topic. There is much more.

Jala Trataka- Gazing at Water

Agni Trataka- Gazing at fire

Bhumi Trataka- Gazing at Soil

Akashi Trataka- Gazing at Sky

Surya Trataka- Gazing at sun

Chandra Trataka- Gazing at Moon(full moon )

Chakra Trataka- Gazing at the centre of a chakra.

Bindu Trataka- Gazing at single point

Swa Trataka- Gazing at yourself in the mirror

Mantra Trataka- Gazing the letter of Mantra another way is chanting Mantra while gazing at yantra/Goddess.

Yantra Trataka- Gazing at the middle of the Yantra.

Daiva Chitra Trataka- Looking at the Image of your favourite God

Dhwani(Sound) Trataka – Listening to inner sounds for continuous period of time.Breath Meditation comes under this Trataka.Listening to inner heart beats , om,various inner sounds is also Dhwani Trataka.

Each method has it own benefits but every method leads to ParaBrahma.These are different types of Trataka.The Sadhak has to attain mastery in all of these to gain Siddhis,The Psychic Powers.Minimum gaze time is 10 minutes.Maximum Gaze time is 5-8 hours.Concentrating on only one method creates energy imbalance in the body .

Om Sri Venkata Kali Krishna Guru Devaya namaha

Om Sri Kalika devyai namaha

Written by

Sri Radhananda Kali Yogini,

Sri vishwamata AdiParaShakti Peetham


Published by Shree Radha

I am Sri Radhananda Kali Mataji from India. A 36 year old Celibate , Writer, Motivator, Spiritual Speaker and a Yogi. My motto is to spread the Divine Knowledge everywhere effortlessly. I produce my content in simple ways.

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