Purpose of Our Life – Interaction Between Three Bodies ( ShariraTraya)

“Knowing and working on the Purpose of Life”

Unity begins with the Integration of Three Bodies .Hallucinations,Nightmares ,repeated dreams are caused by Karana Sharira(casual body).This body wants to Integrate itself with the other two.Until then it undergoes through lot of turmoil in Life.

Karana Sharira (casual body) is the energy body from our past lives.It carries the unachieved goals( the goals it was unable to achieve in so many past lives due to various reasons) that it wants to achieve in this life time in current physical body.This human body changes and choses it’s life path according to the wish and will of karana sharira.

Friendship between Sharira traya ( Sthoola ( Gross body) , sookshma (Subtle body) , karana Sharira (casual body ) )

This is how these three bodies interact while working on Life purpose…

🌺Sthoola sharira(Gross body): hey, little fellow let’s be friends forever….

🌸Karana Sharira(Casual body ) : conditions apply to supply my friendship

🌼Sukshma sharira(Subtle body ): meanwhile, this guy is creating knowledgeable speech , exchanging energies , friendly speech between sthoola and karana bodies.

🌺Sthula sharira (Gross Body) :Tell me , what are those conditions ?

🌸Karana sharira (Casual body ) : that’s enough ! You are so ignorant.I see you being lazy all the time.huh!

🌺Sthula sharira ( Gross body ): come on ! You are so young .how do you know I am ignorant?

🌸Karana sharira: (Casual body ):I knew everything ,it’s a big deal !

🌺Sthula sharira: (Gross body ): what’s the big deal ? Say it

🌸Karana sharira: ( Casual body ): you will not be able to fulfill it.

🌺Sthula sharira (Gross body ): say it , we will speak of the deals later.

🌸Karana sharira: (casual body ): I want you to finish these tasks in this life time .( Speaks about the purpose of life and tasks related to it )

🌺Sthula sharira: (Gross body ): Are you kidding me ? You are so young , how did you come up with this great spiritual knowledge?

🌸Karana sharira( casual body ): Never judge any spiritual body just by its looks ” .Knowlege can fit in any body.Thats the power of Universal Mother .

🌺Sthula sharira (Gross body ) : I have to sacrifice a lot to fulfill these amazing tasks.

🌸Karana sharira ( casual body ): You got it, now do it. Sacrifice your sleep , dedicate your whole time and be under my control. I will let you know what to do when.if you disagree we will no longer be friends. You will have to get new life(body) to fulfill the purpose.

🌺Sthoola Sharira (Gross body ) : You got hold of me. I want Supreme knowledge .If I ignore you I will remain ignorant in this lifetime as well.I know you are going to give me freedom forever through your great friendship. Henceforth ,I obey all your orders till the end of my life to fulfill our life purpose .

🌸Karana Sharira (casual body ) : You are so good.I know you are capable of fulfilling my tasks.Happy spiritual body integration.( Sthoola + Sukshma+ karana bodies integrated to one ) I am opening the gates of supreme conciousness.

In this way these three bodies became friends forever ,became one with Universal Consciousness and Universal Kundalini Energy .Hence,they have integrated to one great Supreme Spiritual body Aatman( Adiparashakti) .The One Universal Shakti AdiShakti.

Written by
Sri Radha Nanda Kali MataJi
Sri Vishwamata Adi Parashakti Peetham, Vejendla .


Published by Shree Radha

I am Sri Radhananda Kali Mataji from India. A 36 year old Celibate , Writer, Motivator, Spiritual Speaker and a Yogi. My motto is to spread the Divine Knowledge everywhere effortlessly. I produce my content in simple ways.

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