How is your Sixth Sense?

Poor Intuition= Unlimited Troubles

Sixth sense is also known as Intuition.The intuition has fallen to lower levels. It is not working for many humans nowadays. Intuition is the eradicator of Problems in our Life. Imagine your house is out of electricity for few hours.The Power will come back when the electrician repairs the wires. The issue is from the material world, you are able to fix it quickly as there is a big expansion in material world. When the intuition is not working as it should be, we will face countless troubles in our life.

In today’s world, people are expressing their problems in the media or on the internet. Public space is for collaboration and team work. Few Humans are repeatedly falling into traps. Our intuition has the power to foresee troubles .it awakens the body before time to keep us in safe place. Intuition is nothing but the connection with our Soul/God.The severity of the difficulties in our life depends on the percentage of our body’s connection with our soul/ Universal consciousness/God.

Intuition working at 10%

You experience intuitive responses to your problems once or twice a month during New Moon and Full moon. These two days are high vibrational creates a soul connection. The body listens to the soul but forgets the solution the very next day due to illusion and confusion. This kind of mind will continue for many years.

Intuition working at 30%

You may experience the soul connection once a week. Imagine you are a programmer and your company is asking you to write new programs every week to meet the needs of the company. But you are not meeting the company requirements. Your intelligence can create only one per month. It leads to poor work performance. You are unable to learn new programming languages due to low grasping power. You have more questions rather than answers. Your whole work will be pending. You will get low rating by the end of year. It leads to frustration, gossiping, depression, troubled family relations. This is how the intuition works at 30%.

Intuition at 50%

You are an average human being .your performance at work and family is also average .you will get the solutions to your problems once in five days. You will be able to produce good work once a week. Not only that, but you can balance the work life and family life.

Intuition at 80%

You will experience soul connection multiple times a day. Of course, you lose the connection with soul due to incomplete clarity of mind. You are trouble free. Not only that, but you can foresee upcoming problems. Likewise, you will stay away from trouble makes of your life. Furthermore, you are an ultimate creator. Not only that, but you create great work every day. Now the big company is very proud of you. They will give big dollars. Your health, wealth, family, office are well-balanced and peaceful.

Intuition at 100% and beyond

This is a higher state. You will experience the soul connection instantly whenever you need. You have the solutions to every problem of this planet. Furthermore, you can raise the vibration and brighten the planet and it’s souls rapidly, like a bullet train that reaches its destination swiftly and quickly. Additionally, you are always stable, peaceful, active, aware, energetic .you are an ultimate creator like Lord Brahman.

How to heighten the intuition?

Simple. Develop clarity of mind. Gaze light for prolonged hours without blinking the eye by not moving the eyeballs. Love the concentration then shorten the distance between you and concentration.For instance, When you love someone you try to be with them all the time.You spend all your time with your loved ones because they make you happy.Similarly, You have to love God and the conciousness and concentration.You have to vanish the distance between you and God.You have to vanish the distance between you and your conciousness.You have to vanish the distance between you and concentration.You have to unite with concentration ,then Consciousness,later God.When you Unite with God, you , your money, your space, your body and everything that belongs to you will be protected by Universal Super Power God .

The movement of eye tells the strength of intuition. Freeze the movement of eyes to reach higher states of Intuition or consciousness.We have numerous yogis on earth who had reached this higher state of Intuition.

Om Sri Guru devaya namaha

Om Sri Kalika devyai namaha

Writte by

Sri Radhananda Kali

Sri Vishwamata Adiparashakti Peetham


Published by Shree Radha

I am Sri Radhananda Kali Mataji from India. A 36 year old Celibate , Writer, Motivator, Spiritual Speaker and a Yogi. My motto is to spread the Divine Knowledge everywhere effortlessly. I produce my content in simple ways.

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