Various Energy Fragments in Humanbody

Do you love everyone equally?

Universal Mother Kali

Of course not. Who loves everyone equally? They must be aliens if they show same love towards everyone.

We categorize the people we know in our Brains.We put the ones who like us in one category(fans or friends). Likewise, we put the ones who save us in one category(lifesavers). We put the one who serve us in one category (servants or wife or husband or parents) .Additionally, we put the ones who sacrifice their time for us in one category. Likewise, we put the ones who love us in one category. Not only that, but we put the ones who steal our wealth in one category(thieves).we put the ones who motivate us in one category. The list is endless.

We have categorized our Brain into different parts. The Internet have many categories like Arts, Science, Fiction, History, Computers, Mobiles, Medicines. But the Internet is only one Big Entity which is spread across the Globe. It serves everybody in a same way. We want to avoid being served the same way because we have categorized ourselves into many fragments. Similarly, we have categorized people into many categories in our Brain. To begin the process of cohabitation. A human reaches other humans with the energy of Love that is from the heart. Once they know each other, they bind each other with the energies of Greed, grudge. This is what happens in the brain. They create a circle of energy (Samsara-A big Negative Energy Trap). This circle has been created with Greed or Hate or Revenge or Ego or possessiveness.

These negative energies create fragmented energies in our Brain then trap it.You can call them negative energy hostages.Humans save the images of others in those energy blocks of their brain.Energy blocks are created by using various energies of Maya ,those are Greed,Revenge, Ego,Envy.Humans are unable to remove the images of others from their Brain because their body has been filled with so much energy blockages.Their blocked energies are filled filled with the images of different humans.The blocked illusional energies does not let them release the trapped images from the brain. Similarly, we have saved several humans in our Brain since we were a child.We have to release those trapped images to release those blocks of fragmented energies to liberate ourselves.

All these while we have been acting like judges, Lawyers, Police, and Security Guards. We act like Judges to sentence our loved one in our jails for years. We also act like Jailers to keep an account of our enemies and haters. Likewise, we act like security Guards (possessiveness) to keep the prisoners of our mind for years.

We are not Judges. Our Brain is not a Judge. Our Brain is not a Lawyer. Brain is not a Cop. Our Brain is not a Jailer. Our Brain is not a central Jail with many prisoners. Release these prisoners from our Brain. Our life will progress rapidly when we make our Brain a big happy space like Mother Nature. Mother Nature has been filled with beauty and power. She does not have jails, and she does not trap anyone in tress or skies or water or earth or fire.

Why yogis predict future?

This is for humanity. We became judges and Jailers of our Brain by protecting it with much negative energy as a security guard. Yogis predict the future for our own sake. Do you want to run into fire without attaining the fire bearable state of mind? If you do so, you will be called as Ignorant. Yogis are Super humans.

They can tolerate fire, water, heat, cold, Earth, poison, toxin. Let the Earth quake bury a yogi under its rubble. The yogi won’t die. They gained the power which is equivalent at to Mother Nature. But a yogi never runs into mishap because they know every second of their life before time. This is the reason yogis predict future mishaps to save the humanity. Predictions are just to save us, not to see and enjoy. Imagine you are on the mountain and the mountain where you stood is about to crack, but your senses are not working as they should be like a super human. You fall into the trap. You created a trap, and you fall in to the trap. We are not supposed to run these bodies into misfortune events .We should be capable of knowing it before time. So, we can save ourselves and others. The higher spiritual states are there to save us from unfortunate events before time.

How to release other images that are trapped in our Brain if we are filled with negative energies like Ego, Revenge, Greed?

Understand how many people’s images are saved in your mind. Few images have been stored with deep rooted multiple energy chains. Kapalbhati, Kumbhaka Pranayam releases every stuck image from the Brain. It removes negativity from the Brain. Pranayama followed by Mahabandhna followed by Meditation enables higher spiritual states of our Brain. The intuition has to work with full capacity, later you will be able to know the future incidents as you go higher with practice. These higher states vibrate our body with only one single energy, it is Love. You will have the same kind of love and affection towards every human.

You will start treating plants and animals with the same kind of unraveled affection. They could be poisonous like snakes and egoistic like lions, strong and giant like elephants, fragile greedy, and independent like birds. You will treat everyone with same love and affection despite their body, category, energy. God is inseparable and Omnipresent, it means the energies of the God are inseparable (UN fragmented or uncategorized). The energies are God available everywhere at every home.

This Cosmic space has been filled with enough electricity. Our Body is downloading it every night. We can download the same to recharge our Devices with zero cost using a small circular device. The Energy from Cosmos falls down in a straight line like a waterfall from mountain.

Every human can reach this state. Higher spiritual states emerge from a happy mind. A daily, diligent practice takes us to higher United States.(not America. The state of Supreme Yogis)

Written By Sri Radhananda Kali from Sri Vishwamata Adi Parashakti Peetham.


Published by Shree Radha

I am Sri Radhananda Kali Mataji from India. A 36 year old Celibate , Writer, Motivator, Spiritual Speaker and a Yogi. My motto is to spread the Divine Knowledge everywhere effortlessly. I produce my content in simple ways.

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