Ways of Focus – Internal ( unlimited ) and External ( Limited )

Concentration development requires stopping the wavering mind and detach it from the physical senses. Concentration is of two kinds, 1. Outward concentration(limited) 2. Inward concentration(unlimited)

Look at the ocean, it is full of tides. The ocean is resting on the surface of Earth. The Earth is revolving and rotating. These actions and attachments stimulates the ocean to ripple interminably. What happens when you isolate the entire ocean from Earth? Ripples fade away, serenity sets off. We have to do the same with our mind. Our mind is like an Ocean. It is happily resting on (a roller coaster) movable senses which causes incessant ripples in the mind. We have to detach our mind from this body. We have to lift the mind up and connect to Universal Consciousness, i.e., God.

Universal consciousness means attainment of Supreme Conscious state. The mind always remains in only one Supreme state. A Normal wavering mind goes through three states every day they are 1. Jagrat (Wakeful) 2. Swapna (Dream State) 3. Shusupti (Deep Sleep).

We have to dissolve these three states and Enter into Universal Conscious state. When the Mind enters this state and remains there for longer time, we will enjoy the state of Void(nothingness). This is the state of our Universal Soul. Our Soul is part of Universal consciousness. When the Mind reaches this state we just work on that purpose of life, the desires vanish. Universal consciousness is beyond time. We can remain in this state for thousands of years.(After finishing your life purpose, you can sit in this type of meditation for a billion years)

During the initial stages of concentration, we try to improve our focus by various means. Right way opens the right path. Knowledge always shows us the easy achievable correct path. When we are on the right path, our focus remains on only one. The focus will be developed gradually upon regular practice. When you are on the right path, knowledge blossoms like a lotus in a lotus pond. A lotus pond observes a full of beautiful lotuses bloom every morning when it sees the sun. Our new knowledge should be like an ever blooming lotus pond. It prospers when it sees the sun. Our knowledge blooms every day when we see our internal sun. When you just pass by a Lotus pond, you experience its divine aroma which Tranquil the mind in a wink. The knowledge arising from Universal consciousness stills the Mind.

How to make the mind that stands with the base stand without the base

Universal conscious state is always pervading. We have to get our Mind into this state. This physical world is temporary. This body is also temporary. You are living in a temporary world. How can you connect the mind from a temporary source to a permanent, immortal source?

People often listen to music as the base of mind to enter into a state of meditation. Music is an external source. It may not play longer because its life is dependent on time. Listening to music or keeping our mind on any other external source does not give rise to conscious state. It’s simply a useless routine, not practice.

Listen to our Heart while meditating

There are so many people who tell you focus on breath. It’s a good base to stop the wavering mind. When we focus on our heart, it slows the heart and serenades the breath too. It also calms the body in short time. The heart is something that’s beating in the same rhythm since our birth. Our breath changes its rhythm depending on the rising thoughts. But the rhythms of the heart are minute compared to breathe. The sound of heart beat is low compared to breathe. We should observe our internal heart beat, it calms the mind in short time. Listening to our heart beat throughout the day doubles the strength of our focus. When the focus aroused, our internal Sun shines with great brightness .we just have to focus on the internal body sounds and rhythms. These are unstoppable subconscious rhythms that surge our level of focus. We have to focus on unlimited internal rhythms (heartbeat, breath)to reach the state of immortality. When the mind detaches from the body and senses, it gets attached to Universal consciousness. There the mind remains with God, focus only on God.it will never fall to bodily senses, dreams, sleep.

Om Sri Bhagavan Sri Venkata Kali Krishna Guru Devaya Namaha.Om Sri Kalika Devyai Namaha.

Written by

Sri Radhananda Kali ,Sri Vishwamata Adiparashakti Peetham.

Published by Shree Radha

I am Sri Radhananda Kali Mataji from India. A 36 year old Celibate , Writer, Motivator, Spiritual Speaker and a Yogi. My motto is to spread the Divine Knowledge everywhere effortlessly. I produce my content in simple ways.

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