How to behave with a Guru or a Yogi

Speak less, listen more. You are blessed to have a Guru in your Life. A Guru is an “Universal Book”. You may get a chance to read countless books written by humans. But you will never get a chance to read the Book of Universe. You got a Guru, it means you got a vast book of Universal knowledge that contains endless solutions.

Om Shri Guru Devaya namaha, Om Sri Kali Devyai namaha

A Guru is a learned Person. People often visit a Guru to seek a Solution to their problems. A Guru is beyond Human concerns. He/She is a book of Infinite Solutions. Normal humans have always been troubled by difficulties. A Guru has a right solution to your difficulties. An issue has infinite solutions. You can achieve the state of Meditation through various means. Exercise, Yoga, Cycling, Rhythmic breathing, cleaning, herbs, diets etc. These are the various means that help us to reach the state of Meditation. You have an empty paper. There you can write, paint, draw cartoons, make a toy, use it for stitching, use it for cooking, use it for cleaning, use it to make flowers etc. you can do numerous things with an empty paper. Similarly, the empty paper is us .The ways we use it for is our purpose of life. Imagine you are a knitter, and it’s your life purpose. What do you achieve from knitting? How is it benefiting our soul? You may want to be a knitter just to learn to be peaceful and concentrated for prolonged periods of time. Knitting improves our concentration and decreases our response time to daily issues by increasing our patience.

Remember, the issues in our life are related to our Life Purpose. One person may have one or two life purposes. When one is complete, God assigns us the new one depending on age and health. A Guru is different from a Normal Human being. They are people with low body mobility .Their austerities have stabilized every part of their body. How to identify a Real Guru? They don’t move their eyes, head, hands, legs, body like normal people. When you keep a glass of water near the child, you may fear the water would spill on the floor due to the excessive body movement of the child.

Similarly, just keep a Glass of water near the Guru while he/she is working. They may notice or may not, but the glass would not fall on the ground due to absence of mind. Yogis are not absent-minded. They are always consciously caring about their surroundings. Similarly, They show the same kind of care towards the souls of their devotees. Gurus hold the souls of their devotees with much care and stability. A Guru is like a tortoise or Lord Vishnu in Kurma Avatar. How does a Guru balance the soul of his/her devotee when he/she is unstable? The demigods and demons wanted to churn the ocean to obtain the Nectar of Immortality. An ocean is a large water body, it needs a stable immovable base and a churner to sit on the water. Lord Vishnu used a mountain as an ocean churner. He turned into Kurma avatar (Tortoise Avatar) sat on the ocean then Lifted the moutain which is then used for churning the ocean . Lord Kurma held the whole weight of the mountain on his back, thus making it stable on the water . The Demi gods and Demons used the snake god Vasuki as churning thread. They put the snake around the mountain, started churning the ocean from both the ends.

Here, lord Vishnu became the Lord Kurma to hold the mountain in position with great stability. Similarly, A Guru is a highly stable being. If lord Vishnu is unstable, he would never let the demigods drink nectar of immortality. He held their souls and the task they want to finish with much endurance. Without the stability of God, humans would never have achieved yogic powers. Similarly, A Guru lifts and supports the souls of his devotees until the end of their life.

Never brief your problems to an Enlightened Guru. He does not need it. He/she knows the solutions of your issues instantly. You just have to ask your question politely . It depends on the nature of a devotee how he/she want to be answered. A Guru may respond in Silence, or he may start speaking. If he starts speaking, let him/her finish, don’t interfere in the middle of speech. They know your doubts.Once a Guru starts his speech it flows like a Great water fall.Your doubts are like boats flowing along with the river currents .All your doubts will be answered automatically along the flow .Just like a boat picking some valuable gems while flowing along with the river currents.

Never show your feet – Show your Head

We are not supposed to show our feet to a Guru.We have to bow our head with great respect.There is a Spiritual significance to it.A devotee approaches a Guru in search of their life purpose . A Guru changes the course of direction of energies in our body.If the Energy flows downwards we dwell in the world of disease.if the Energy moves upwards we enjoy the state of bliss .A Guru changes the course of our Energies towards up.These Energies alings us with the purpose of life .

Written by

Sri Radhananda kali


Published by Shree Radha

I am Sri Radhananda Kali Mataji from India. A 36 year old Celibate , Writer, Motivator, Spiritual Speaker and a Yogi. My motto is to spread the Divine Knowledge everywhere effortlessly. I produce my content in simple ways.

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