A Temple is a place of Worship. It is also a place of positivity. This Globe has been filled with numerous Temples. These places follow Yogic process which is mentioned in Ancient Scriptures. Yogic Process creates abundant positive Energy inside Temples, which make them powerful for the Transformation of Humans.

Samsara is the process of repeated reincarnation. This is an unending circle because the circle doesn’t have an end. We have to come out of the cycle of reincarnation. What people do in Samsara? They chit-chat, Cook, eat varieties of food, shop, travel, sleep. Their mind has always been involved in various thoughts, interests, jewelry, cloths, food. They are habituated to the tasks of Samsara. Many people reject the Yogic process because they think the Yogic process has been created to follow at Temples, not homes.

A Yogi is a Super human. The person who reaches the maximum capacity of Human has been known as Yogi. We have to reach our maximum potential by inviting Yogic process into our Homes and Lives. Yogic process has not only been meant for Temples or Religious institutions. It is created by Goddess Sri Adiparashakti Kali for Humanity.

Humans have been habituated to visiting Temples once a week/month/year. When you have a temple at home, you just go and sit there to enjoy the positive vibration. Once you are back home, you enjoy the positive vibrations for some time. Later you will again you go back to your previous body vibration. The minds of the Samsaric people have been bloating with countless thoughts. These unnecessary emotional delusional thoughts filling the body with negativity energy. The negative energy is a trapping energy. It has boundaries and limits, just like the cycle of Samsara. The people in the Samsara vibrate with evil energy,, and they trap their family members in that evil energy cycle.

Who perform Black Magic? The people vibrating with evil energies create a trap to block the Humans who are progressing further. The Positive energy does not have boundaries or limits. Normal people visit a temple to leave their evil energies. They receive positive energy from the temple. When they go back home they enjoy the positive vibration for some then again go back to their evil energy state. Because their home is not a temple, They have not created a place with positive vibration. Their Body is not a temple. They haven’t invited yogic (Super Human building) process to create a body with enormous positivity. Practice Pranayama by the end of every day to clear Black eye or Black Magic Energies.

Inside a Temple Sanctuary during festival

A Temple absorbs and evaporates the evil energies(Yogis too). If it is an Ancient temple you feel the positive vibration for one to two weeks then again your body goes back to evil vibration.

There are highly positive vibrating Temples on Earth. We call them Shakti Peethas . They are only 108 of them on planet earth. These are created from the body parts of Devi Sati . Devi Sati is a Goddess with enormous Transformative Positive energy. Lord Vishnu wanted to create places of Transformative Energies on earth, so he and Lord Shiva Created with Various body parts of Devi Sati . The Shakti Peethas are places of Transformation. They have the energies to Transform the Humans into Super Humans in Short span of Time. Blessings of Goddess AdiParaShakti are required to visit these places in one lifetime. These Shakti Peethas end the formation of Evil Energies in various parts of our Body. Stay Happy, Stay Blessed.

Written by Sri Radhananda Kali,Sri Vishwamata Adiparashakti Peetham.


Published by Shree Radha

I am Sri Radhananda Kali Mataji from India. A 36 year old Celibate , Writer, Motivator, Spiritual Speaker and a Yogi. My motto is to spread the Divine Knowledge everywhere effortlessly. I produce my content in simple ways.

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