I bow to my Guru “ Bhagavan Sri Venkata Kali Krishna Guru Maharaj “. I bow to the Universal Mother Goddess Sri Kali.

It’s Winter Season, the weather is bleak outside. To cope up with chilled Climate, we use warm clothing. The General nature of this body is , it changes its temperature according to Mother Nature. If the Weather is hot, our bodies absorb the heat. If the weather is cold, our bodies absorb the cold . Heat to Heat .Cold to Cold.

Three Seasons

As per the Yogic theory, we can stop absorbing the climatic changes from external nature. We can stop tuning our body Temperature with Mother Nature. She produces excess heat during Summers, excess cold during Winters, excess rain during monsoon. The Temperature during these seasons is beyond Human capacity.Yogis use few techniques to halt the process of absorbing excess heat or cold into the body. They stop tuning themselves with Mother Nature. She has unstable extreme climatic changes.

We can attune ourselves with our Soul.Our higher self is an assiduous being.Our Soul does not have the concept of Temperature or Climate. When we are aligned with our Soul completely, our body stops relying on climatic changes. The higher chakras of the body aligns us with our Soul. The higher chakras are the ones located in the uppermost part of the body. It’s our crowning place.

These chakras create un distorted symmetry in our body. When the Energy is unified we will be able to align ourselves with our Soul.The transformation of body as per climatic conditions in Spirituality is dependent mainly on our focus.

The process of Spirituality transforms our body in three different stages. You can understand your Spiritual progress in just three ways .To know your stage you have to understand the nature of our body.The Stages of Body Transition are as follows.

Level 0 -Absorbing External Climate — (Normal Humans )

Level 1 – Combating External weather — (Spiritual Practitioners)

Level 2 – Unresponsive to weather- (Soul State of the Body)

The first stage or Level 0. This is just a Normal state of average Human being. The body had been tuned to Mother Nature. When it is cold outside,the body absorbs cold. When it is hot outside, the body absorbs heat. These extreme climatic changes when absorbed by the human body , create an irreversible damage to internal organs leading to untimely death. We are not extremes.We are beings with zero extremes and zero balance.

Level 2.This is combating stage. The human body starts combating the weather by producing Heat during cold and cold during heat. We have two Nadis In our Body. They are Called Solar and Lunar Nadis. Solar Nadi is from the Sun. Lunar Nadi is from the Moon. Solar Nadi is located at Solar Plexus. Lunar Nadi is located just above the Agna chakra. When we do a Jalandhar Bandha correctly, our head Touches Lunar Nadi. This Lunar Nadi opens up the Crown chakra.Lunar Nadi brings amassed quietness into the body. Solar Nadi enhances the brightness of the body.

Sun 🌞 and Moon 🌝 Nadis

Body Producing Heat during Cold

Our Body can produce heat during Frigid weather. This internal heat combats external cold . Uddiyana Bandha activates Solar Nadi,the solar plexus chakra. You can combat external cold by producing Heat from this chakra. Anything in excess leads to damage of the body.

Body Producing cold during Heat

Our Body can produce cold during Summer Season. This combats the external heat during Summer season. The Lunar Nadi produces cold. You can combat heat by stimulating Lunar Nadi.Jalandhar Bandha Stimulates Lunar Nadi.

Level 3 .This is the third and final stage. The body reaches this stage When it integrates it’s true nature with higher self(soul).The body unifies with Universal Self. Have you ever saw Yogis mediating in The Great Himalayas? Countless yogis have been meditating in the deep Himalayas since many centuries.They are not troubled by extreme weather conditions. They have merged themselves with their soul. Their body does not respond to heat or cold .what happens when you put your hand in fire? It burns. A yogi who reached this third stage does not feel the sensations of fire. Basically , Our Soul cannot feel the sensations of fire, water, air, ether, earth, heat, cold. Because it does not have skin.

Our Focus chooses your Life Path.

Different stages of our concentration/ Focus (Body -> moving towards -> Soul )

Level 1. Skin. Level 2. Muscles. Level 3. Organs. Level 4: Nerves. Level 5 : Brain. Level 6: Energy. Level 7: Soul

The focus of Normal Humans has been on the external layer of the body, it is skin. For this reason, the population is running after skin enlightenment. During the initial stages of Spirituality our focus is situated on external layer of the body that is skin+hair+nails.As we progress ,the focus moves towards inner layers of the body like muscles, nerves, tendons. Then the focus moves towards bones .Then the focus moves towards enchansing the intellect of our brain.Later the focus moves towards Energy. Finally, our focus reaches its final destination, the Soul.

When we are focused on Energy, we gain Psychic Powers. We have to go further to shift our focus towards Soul. Energy controlled by Energy create turbulent situations.Energy controlled by Soul creates Abundant Love immortality and Serenity.We have to merge and transform as our Soul.

Our excessive concentration on skin gives us a career in beauty industries. Our concentration on Muscles lets us build more of them and makes us the instructors of physical body building.

Do you know how Lord Hanuma built such a Muscular body? He is an earliest role model to muscular Humans.

Lord Hanuma created Muscular body through his Soul By meditating upon his muscles.

Lord Hanuma also known as the Son of God Air( Pavana Putra in Sanskrit)

Likewise, we have to understand the location of our focus.On which part of the body? Our thoughts tell us the location of our focus. For instance, everyday you are thinking of buying a nice fluffy sofa. This thought is related to skin. Your focus is situated on Skin.You can shift your focus gradually by adapting Yogic techniques.Understand the focus of your thoughts, then try to move them towards the soul. A deep soul connection can be developed by completely activating our institution. A fully developed intuition paves a path to our Eternal transformation.

Written by

Sri Radhananda Kali, Sri Vishwamata Adiparashakti Peetham.


Published by Shree Radha

I am Sri Radhananda Kali Mataji from India. A 36 year old Celibate , Writer, Motivator, Spiritual Speaker and a Yogi. My motto is to spread the Divine Knowledge everywhere effortlessly. I produce my content in simple ways.


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