Yogi’s Penance Inside an Orange Fruit.

I bow to my Guru “ Bhagavan Sri Venkata Kali Krishna Guru Maharaj “. I bow to the Universal Mother Goddess Sri Kali.

“A True Devotees wish is a God’s Wish”. God is Our Ultimate Guard.

Several years ago there was a Powerful Yogi who used to spend his time performing severe austerities. He accomplished the Eight Greatest Spiritual Powers they are known as Ashta Siddis( Anima, Mahima, Prapti, Garima, Laghima, Prakamya, Ishitwa, Vasitwa) He likes spending most of his time meditating. This Yogi likes Orange fruit a lot. He has no family, he lives in a wild forest.

There is an Ashram in the Deep forest with so many fruit trees. Yogis and meditators from all over the world visit this place just to accomplish Spiritual Powers. The day at Ashram has been with numerous traveling visitors and the nights are calm because the place is inside a wild forest.

This yogi was living in this place since childhood. He is now in his 40s. He is an accomplished man. But he wanted to attain more, he wanted to live in the abode of Lord Vishnu which is Vaikunta. There is big Orange tree in that Ashram. He spends most time near the orange tree. He treats the tree as his Mother. Even the tree treats him like her child. The tree Pampers him with So many delicious sweet fruits during the season. He eats some fruits and starts spending his day in meditation near the tree.

One day, he told the tree that his Meditative practice is getting disturbed in this Ashram due to many visitors, he prefers not to leave the place (its powerful place) but he wants to continue the practice in peace. He asked the Mother tree to give him a good idea for a peaceful yogic practice every day.

This Yogi shares everything with the tree. He also discusses his Spiritual attainments. The Mother Orange tree knows this Yogi is having the Eight Powerful Spiritual Accomplishments. The Mother tree has gained some knowledge of these Spiritual accomplishments from the Yogi. To Solve the Problem of the Yogi permanently, Mother Orange tree said, O! Child! I care for you so much, you can meditate on my top most branches inside a fruit. I will keep the fruit away from birds. Take one unripened fruit remove its pulp with your magic powers. Then use your spiritual Power to fit your body inside the fruit then meditate happily with zero disturbance.

Lord Vishnu

The Yogi felt joyous after listening to this idea. He thought it is the idea of Mother Nature to gain more Spiritual Accomplishments. He agreed to the idea of Mother Orange tree. The Mother Orange tree gave him an unripened Orange fruit from its branches. The Yogi removed the pulp of the fruit without touching its outer layer using his spiritual powers. Now the fruit has no pulp. It’s just like an empty ball. It’s now ready for his yogic practice. He gave the fruit to Mother Orange tree. The Tree kept the fruit tight inside the top branches. The fruit cannot move even if the wind blows heavily. The Yogi is now ready to enter the fruit to perform his austerities.

He feels it would be better not to be seen by any human, so he chose a fruit as his meditative place. He changed his form into a little one so that he can fit inside the hollow fruit and meditate peacefully. Furthermore, he used Anima Spiritual Power to alter the size for his body into a smaller one so that he can fit inside the Orange fruit peacefully. The outer layer is thick, it won’t allow the sound enter inside the fruit. He seizes his breath then enters into a deep meditative state. He can prolong this practice as per his will. Furthermore, he stared meditating inside the hollow fruit, which stood on the tree for many months. No one can touch the fruit, wind couldn’t move. The tree looked deserted by birds because of his yogic power.

One day, a bird came out of nowhere, sat on the tree. It was hungry and looking for fruits. The bird ate few fruits which are available on the tree. The bird saw this fruit, which is detached from the tree, lying on a branch. The bird tried to break the fruit, it didn’t break, but it fell on the floor. The place where Yogi was meditating in an ashram. There was a spectacular saint living in that ashram. His name is Vishnu. The Great Saint Vishnu took the fruit in his hand, then placed it on the tree. He created a protective shield around the fruit, so that no one can see the fruit or Yogi meditating inside the fruit. Such is the power of God. You choose a place for meditation, God protects it. The very kind, Generous Universal god. A true devotee’s wish is a God’s Wish.

Highly Enlightened Yogis are immovable. They don’t like moving their bodies, muscles, eyes, ears, nose, tongue, heart and finally breathe. They stabilize their bodies like an immovable rock. Likewise, they don’t move their bodies, they just move their energies to wherever they want. God knows the mind of real Yogis, so he becomes their faithful Bodyguard to protect their presence on Earth. Just their living body is enough to save the lives on Planet Earth. The bodies of Yogis are Power Houses. This is the reason Lord Vishnu gives them more Protection compared to normal human. For example , Celebrities get more protection from the government because they have to protect their lives to protect themselves from their enemies.

“The more Spiritually valuable you are, the more Spiritually protected you will be.”


Published by Shree Radha

I am Sri Radhananda Kali Mataji from India. A 36 year old Celibate , Writer, Motivator, Spiritual Speaker and a Yogi. My motto is to spread the Divine Knowledge everywhere effortlessly. I produce my content in simple ways.

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