The Goddess of Mind and Samadhi

Devi Manasa is known as The Goddess of Mind. Goddess of Nectar. The vanquisher of revenge

I bow to my Guru “ Bhagavan Sri Venkata Kali Krishna Guru Maharaj “. I bow to the Universal Mother Goddess Sri Kali.

Goddess Manasa

Revenge : Initially there were only few snakes and some poisonous reptiles harming humans. Now the process has changed its humans who turned against themselves by creating more poison in the bodies. Poison is everywhere, but the intensity matters. The intensity of poison also known as toxic material is increasing in humans, leading to mass killing and sudden attacks on road. Suicides are less compared to revengeful murders and assaults.

We can simply erase revenge completely by adopting good eating habits. More natural food leads to more natural you. The real nature of us is always full of love. It’s the nature of our soul.

Devi Manasa is one of the most popular Goddesses of this Universe. She is the Godhead of snakes and reptiles. She is born from the mind of sage Kashyap, with the third eye power of Lord Shiva. So, she is the daughter of Lord Shiva and Parvati .Several years ago, before the birth of Goddess Manasa the entire earth was craving for the control of snakes and reptiles. They have created a great havoc on Earth by killing innocent people, animals, and birds just to satisfy their ego.

It happened during the age of Krita YUG. This is the first biggest YUG of the four Yugas. Many lives had gone on Earth. The Demi god’s planned to save earth from the evil snakes and reptiles. Not every snake is demonic. There are Divine Serpents for the sake and well-being of humanity. Divine Serpents protect the humanity, demonic snakes vanish the humanity. To save the life on Planet Earth, the demigods approached their father sage Kashyapa Prajapati . He is the ruler of the Universe. Demigods requested their father Prajapati Kashyapa to save the life on Planet from the poisonous snakes and reptiles. Prajapati took their request.

Birth of Goddess Manasa (The Goddess of Serpents).

After occasionally, he performed a fire sacrifice (yagya) for Universal Goddess Adiparashakti Kali, then sat in meditation. A Golden ball of energy came from the third eye of lord Shiva, it travelled to earth then touched the mind of sage kashyapa. The golden energy came from Lord Shiva took a form in the mind of sage Kashyapa. Then this golden energy came out from the mind of sage Kashyapa with a divine form of women. This energy took the divine form of a woman on Earth.This divine energy was originated from Lord Shiva, it took the divine female form, and it’s purpose in the mind of sage Kashyapa. Sage Kashyapa wanted a female goddess with the ultimate power of Lord Shiva to control the snakes and reptiles. The Snakes worship lord Shiva. They solely surrendered themselves to lord Shiva for his mighty act.

Lord shiva’s boon to Serpents ( Poison for self Protection)

Lord Shiva drinking Kalakoota Visha ( Timeless Poision )

Lord Shiva once drank the Kalakoota visha (The timeless poison- it acts in no time.It has no timely emotional sense like humans ). So many years past, the demigods, and demons churned the ocean to attain immortality by drinking the divine nectar. During the process, they first got Kalakoota visha (The great Timeless poison). This poison has enormous power, it would take away the life on this Universe in just few seconds. Its such a horrendous poison .It deluges the entire Universe in seconds. All are terrified just by the appearance of poison. (It’s like seeing a horrific demon in the middle of night ,where everybody is sleeping except you) The demigods and demons felt helpless.Everybody is looking at lord Shiva because lord Narayana took the form of tortoise to hold the weight of mountain that has been used for churning the ocean.Lord Shiva understood the universe is needing help from him. So, he immediately took the poison and drank.

A few snakes came to help lord Shiva by drinking some poison.A ,drop from Kalakoota fell into the ocean ,snakes drank that poison. Since then, snakes got the capacity of holding poison in their head for several days. This is just to hit the target for self-protection.

Poison was created for the protection of self. Every creation in his universe has a divine purpose .But revenge has evolved for the satisfaction of self. Snakes have only one solution to protect themselves from a killer, is to envenoming the enemy. We, humans, are evolved species with more knowledge. We produce countless solutions for the problems in our planet and around cosmic space. Furthermore, we have to evolve more by adapting nontoxic natural eating and drinking habits. This makes ours and others life more fruitful.There are few cities and villages where people living in those are burning with revenge for several years .This self burning process can be stopped with more and more love. The love of one big city could vanish the cycle of revenge in one village.A family filled with complete love could evaporate the revenge and anger in other family. Similarly, the sincere love of a man changes the toxic mind of a woman. The love and patience of a woman changes the toxic mind of man.

Since then, snakes were able to protect themselves successful from their predators. Lord Shiva gave this ultimate self-defense solution only to snakes and reptiles. Since then, The snakes , Nāgas started worshiping lord Shiva. They surrendered themselves to lord Shiva with great devotion. After so many years, few snakes become evil, and they started using a defensive skill as a tactic to end human race. This is just to fill the earth with Nāgas. Since they were poisonous, lord Brahma ordered these creatures to live in Pathala (Nether World).

Goddess Manasa- The Power of Lord Shiva and Parvati

The havoc created by evil snakes has to control. So, the sage Kashyapa got the power of lord Shiva to create a female goddess for ruling the snakes and reptiles. Sage Kashyapa created the divine goddess, gave her an attractive form, named her Manasa . The mind born daughter of sage Kashyapa. We can also say the feminine form of lord Shiva. Only the power of lord Shiva can control snakes because they have been surrendered to him. Devi Manasa is the feminine form of lord Shiva.The divine goddess is intensely pure and vibrant with full of effervescent love .Sage Kashyapa told Devi Manasa , oh! Child, Lord Shiva is your father .Tke this Shiva Mantra ” Om nama shivaaya ” Go, chant and meditate upon this mantra to please Lord Shiva.Devi Manasa took the mantra. She entered a nearby forest. Created a Shiva linga. Started chanting and meditating upon the Shiva mantra .She meditated upon the mantra for several years.

Mantra meditation ( Power of Mantra)

Step 1 : Write the mantra on a paper in your mother tongue.

Step 2 : Start visualizing the mantra in your mind.

Step 3 : Upon some repeated practice for a day or two you will start visualizing the mantra in your mind.

Step 4 : just look at the mantra which is in your mind. Repeat it for hours to days.

Step 5 : you will start to see the energies of the mantra in your mind.

Then you will see lord Shiva after absorbing so many energies. You can’t see God when your energies are vibrating in lower chakras. Seeing God is like touching a 25000kv, electric transformer. A mantra makes you an Ultimate power transformer.Lord Shiva was hugely satisfied by the austerities of her daughter Devi Manasa. He took her to his abode, Kailasa.

Devi Manasa’s Noble Sacrifice

Goddess Parvati was intensely happy to see her daughter Devi Manasa. Devi Manasa diligently served her parents with abundant love and supreme care.One day lord Shiva has been absorbed in meditation. The poison residing in his throat is disturbing his mind. Occasionally, he is losing consciousness for few seconds due to the presence of poison in his throat. It has resulted in instability in the universe for some period of time.Devi Manasa has observed the cause of instability in the universe. She immediately came to lord Shiva then absorbed the poison into her .Her body overfilled with Kalakoota visha, the poison. She lost her consciousness. Devi Parvati and lord Shiva took her into their arms and blessed her immortality.Devi Parvati gave her divine Nectar .Devi Manasa gained her health along with Immortality .She made a great sacrifice just to eradicate the disturbance that came into her father’s mind. She is soulfully devoted to her parents.The person with enormous love is the only one who is able to sacrifice his head for the sake of Universe .” Sacrificing self for the sake of Universe is called as Noble Sacrifice” .

Only the divine Noble Souls can perform such sacrifices for the sake of the Universe .Lord Vishnu called her ” Vishaharini” the vanquisher of Universal Poison .Lord Brahma appointed her as the Godhead of snakes and reptiles and ordered her to rule them on Earth.Since then Goddess Manasa is residing on earth to control the havoc of snakes and reptiles .

She came to earth controlled the havoc created by the reptiles .Upon the request of lord Shiva, Devi Manasa chanted the kalpataru mantra of Lord Shri Krishna .She performed severe penance for Lord Shri Krishna. The Lord Shri Krishna and Devi Radha were pleased by her austerities.They appeared before her and blessed her with so many Spiritual Powers and the Authority of Goddess.Since then Devi Manasa has been worshiped on this earth as a Goddess.

The many benefits of Devi Manasa worship
(Eradicator of Evil Serpents)

There are some homes where snakes freely roam like humans.As per the ancient scriptures , snakes are venomous creatures.Their presence near humans create deaths. To overcome the repeated appearance of venomous snakes in and around your house , you have to chant Devi Manasa Mantra or you can keep the picture of Devi Manasa in your home.This will control the appearance of venomous creatures around the house .

Away from Poisonous People

There are few people whose body and mind has been filled with heavy toxins. All they do is just throw those toxins on others. This human body cannot contain poison. If it is there, it has to come out in various ways .it may come out as bad speech or by any hateful attack.Devi Manasa keeps her worshipers away from toxic people. So, her devotees lead a pleasant life every day.

Goddess Manasa – Remover of Revenge

Revenge has become a disease these days. Let me tell you an incident which happened so many years ago. This incident visioned by my Guru Bhagavn Sri Venkata Kali Krishna Guru Maharaj.

An Angry Yogi – A Revengeful Serpent ( An Enlightenment Story )

Once there was a man lived in the Forest to attain Samadhi State. He lives in the Forest. He doesn’t eat anything, he just chants the mantra of Devi Manasa. Mantra is satisfying his hunger and thirst. Daily, he sits on a rock and meditates throughout the day. He did not overcome his anger.

Lord Shiva with Naga Serpent

Anger + Revenge = Poison. This is about to happen.He entered into a blissful deep conscious state. A venomous snake 🐍 started crawling on his body. The snakes wants to enjoy the blissful state too, so he is crawling on his body.Beware when you meditate in places of forest. Snakes crawl on the bodies of meditative yogis to enjoy their blissful vibrational state. The yogi found out that snake crawling on his body. He immediately hit the serpent with his hand .The Serpents are revengful.It rapidly envenomize the man. The man’s body has been filled with dangerous poison in just seconds .He chanted the mantra of Devi manasa. His body has been immobilized due to venom. He was about to lose his consciousness. Devi Manasa appeared in front of him in her divine form.

Devi Manasa has four hands. Two hands hold two snakes, third hand holds a lotus and fourth hand blesses fearlessness to her devotees. The Divine Serpent in her right hand a bit on the heart of the man. He immediately gained health and Immortality. The Serpent held by Devi Manasa is a Divine Snake filled with Nectar, not Poison. When it bit the heart chakra of the man, it took away the poison(anger) residing in his heart from so many past lives. The divine Serpent filled the man with nectar by opening his heart chakra.Devi Manasa placed her Lotus on his head for few seconds.It opened the Sahasrara chakra of the man .Her worshipers gain powers to heal poison in humans . Manasa Devi Mantra Siddhi activates the poison healing powers in devotees.There is much more to write about this Goddess.I will share more information in an another Article with divine secrets .

The lotus holding by Goddess Manasa is the symbol of thousand petelled Sahasrara chakra.It opens the Sahasrara chakra. This is opening of mind to the Universal Consciousness. We can completely overcome the wavering mind by opening this top energy channel. Thus, the yogi attained the state of samadhi. Devi Manasa gave him Samadhi state. The Deep Meditative state with unwavering potential and mind absorbed in the Universal Consciousness.Devi Manasa kills the anger and revenge by opening all our energy channels .She is the Goodness of pure Love and Devotion. An easy, approachable Goddess.

Goddess Manasa – The Ultimate Detoxifier of Poison- English Spiritual Speech

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