Women losing willpower and becoming aimless after Marriage.

This is a general problem faced by 70% of the women after their marriage. Women have dreams, and they want to fulfill their dreams even after marriage.

But after marriage, many women lose their will power. They blame their husbands or children for losing their will power.

It’s true that women lose a lot of will power after their marriage due to responsibilities. Their concentration is mostly on each member of the Family. As a result, they lose focus on their dreams. They want to achieve their goals, but their focus is detached from their personal goals.

Every woman can fulfill her dreams even after Marriage, just by developing more focus. Let me tell you a secret to fulfill your dreams rapidly, even after marriage. This practice works for everyone.

Low focus leads to low will power, which leads to aimlessness.

We just have to develop more will power. People generally say oh! She is getting married, she won’t paint after marriage. If painting is your objective, why not chase it.

Follow these steps every day to gain extensively high will power to fulfill your dreams in a very short span of time. Never say goodbye to your family or kids because a mother holds the core power of a family. 

Light gazing ( Trataka from Ashtanga yoga )

Step 1 : Before sleep, take a candle
Step 2 : Lit the candle , and sit in front of it.
Step 3 : Your eyes should be parallel to the flame of a candle.
Step 4: Now gaze the flame for at least 10-30 minutes every day.

This ancient process increases focus and will power.


Sri Radhananda kali Yogini
Sri Vishwamata Adiparashakti Peetham Vejendla


Published by Shree Radha

I am Sri Radhananda Kali Mataji from India. A 36 year old Celibate , Writer, Motivator, Spiritual Speaker and a Yogi. My motto is to spread the Divine Knowledge everywhere effortlessly. I produce my content in simple ways.

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