Yogic Way to Access All Answers Hidden in this Universe

Universal way to solve unresolved mysteries.(Yogic way of access to all answers)

Om Sri Kalika devyai Namaha, Sri Guru Devaya namaha .

Everything emerges from Consciousness. Even the first ball of Energy has emerged from Universal Consciousness . We call that consciousness as Soul or Universal Soul” Adi Parashakti”. Adiparashakti has a great spiritual meaning. It means the Source of Energy. This Universe is Energy. We are Energy. The earth, the planets, life is also Energy. But where did this energy come from ?It came from Universal Consciousness.’ Adi’ Means the Source. ”para’ means the one which is not energy, which is different from Energy. It is called soul. Shakti means Energy. Adiparashakti means the only one Source of Universal Energy, which is Soul.All souls are equal. They are all in Universal Consciousness.

The Earth, the planets, starts, galaxies, water, air, sky, fire, birds, animals, humans, buildings, plants, emotions, intelligence, mind, ego, mountains, heat, cold, hunger, good, bad, judgment, pain, punishment, disease, evil, black magic, scriptures, holy books, Purana’s, recipes, technology, and everything has emerged from Universal consciousness. We just use energy to manipulate and create byproducts of energy like evils and others.But in reality as per the laws of Universal Mother Kali, whatever is living on earth has it own life span. Humans should lead their life on earth happily for 100 to 200 years. The span has increased. We can just leave the rules of Animal kingdom. Because they are Animals with unstable minds and reality.We humans have stable minds. No one should never interfere with the lifespan of others . If someone does so by killing, it means they are taking away their 50, 70, or 20 years of life.

If someone commits a crime by killing a 10-year-old child, it means the killer has taken away their 90 years of life. When the killer is intelligent, they will escape the punishment. They can escape earthly energies, but they cannot escape Universal Consciousness. A criminal may have escaped the punishment, but he cannot escape Universal Mother. He is living in Universal Consciousness.

Anyone can solve these unsolved cases of crime or anything just by accessing their Consciousness. Everybody can gain access to their Consciousness and get answers to countless unsolved mysteries of this Earth in just few minutes to days .if your Consciousness is readily accessible just like air, then you can get answers instantly.

You can just go to a tasty fruit bearing plant in your backyard and ask her whether she has any tasty fruit for you today. She will answer your question and tell you the branches on other side has three tasty fruits which are untouched by parrots. A fruit bearing plant acts like a mother.it keeps some fruits for parrots and some fruits for its loved ones. She (plant) protects and hides the fruits underneath the leaves and branches for days just to give some tasty fruits to her loved ones.

You have an unknown plant at home which is giving some kind of new fruits. You do not know whether the plant is good for humans or not. To solve this plant case, you can follow this process

Take a good view of the plant .Enter into a silent state of mind. Remember the plant and ask your silent mind “how beneficial is this plant for humans? “It will bring answers in some time like The whole plant is consumable and good for humans.

This is an ancient yogic way of testing.Saints have never performed any chemical lab tests on plants or animals to bring results. They just ask the universal consciousness. You can develop a new way of medicine like this, which would be useful to humanity.

Those who are highly enlightened may not be of good help to resolve the mysteries. The more the person becomes conscious, the more they become detached to this physical world. Yogis have reached a state of higher Consciousness, that heavenly state makes them detached to energy world. They just enjoy being in their Consciousness. Consciousness means complete silence. Everything emerges from it. We try to gain information from physical world. But we have to stop gaining from the physical world and start gaining information from our internal universal consciousness.

The Universal Consciousness holds unfiltered true information

If you want to solve any crimes, puzzles, cases , games , that are raising your frustration levels up to the top, just follow this yogic process. Its simple yet useful. Keeps you happy and successful all the time.

Step 1. Sit in a calm place which is full of life (home, temple). Step 2. Calm your heart and then mind(When your heart is calm, it silences the mind). Step 3. Observe the silence in your heart.

When the mind reaches a state of silence, ask the mind to give answer to your question. Do not repeat your question, just ask once it’s enough. (She is not your class teacher) She is right beside you and within you. Continue your silent meditation for some time (1-2 hours). It will give you answers to your questions by producing a vision or by thought. This is also called “silent state communication”. Intuition or Your Universal conscious Soul gives you prefect answer.

“Human mind produces illusionary answers “When you start trusting your illusionary mind, keep in mind you are going to become an extreme hard worker by wasting your time and life. Universal Consciousness makes you work smart in no time. “ Say goodbye to difficulties”“ Ask your silent mind, gain answers from your silent mind”

Note : You can only gain answers when the mind has been immersed in great silence.

Written by
Sri Radhananda kali Yogini
Sri Vishwamata Adiparashakti Peetham Vejendla


Published by Shree Radha

I am Sri Radhananda Kali Mataji from India. A 36 year old Celibate , Writer, Motivator, Spiritual Speaker and a Yogi. My motto is to spread the Divine Knowledge everywhere effortlessly. I produce my content in simple ways.

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